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Natural Beauty Clay for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Moroccan Clay, also known as Rhassoul Clay and Ghassoul Clay,is a natural beauty clay used in natural skincare, including eczema skincare,which shows remarkable healthy skin results. This centuries old beauty clay comes from deep within the Atlas Mountains. It is used to naturally cleanse, cool, soothe,and moisturise skin and hair. Rhassoul clay is a high-quality soothing clay for external use that keeps indefinitely if kept dry. It is used in spas for exclusive skin and hair treatments.

The word Rhassoul has its etymological roots in  “ghassoul” and comes from the Arabic word “Ghassala” which means washing / to wash. [ Think modern English v Old English “root” v old English  “wyrttruma” and “wyrtwala”].

Similarly, the words rhassoul clay and ghassoul clay may sound different, but they’re the same thing : Moroccan clay !

Ingredients : Moroccan  rhassoul clay slabs, 200g


Natural Hair Care and Natural Skincare for all Skin Types including  Eczema Skin Care and Psoriasis

Moroccan rhassoul clay has been used by Moroccan women for natural body care and hair care for over 1400 years.

Rhassoul clay is greyish brown clay in colour and is centuries old. It is naturally organic. It is  mineral rich, and it is cleansing. It has nothing added to it and it has not undergone any chemical or other processes. It is collected from the mountains and broken into chunks and slabs and packed in airtight containers. To ensure the strongest mineral content we have not powdered or processed the clay in any way; it reaches you in its purest form.

Like Bentonite clay, Rhassoul Clay UK has the ability to swell when water is added to it, but Moroccan Ghassoul clay has an even higher silica and magnesium content, making it especially suitable for troubled skin including eczema prone skin and  skin rage from psoriasis. Try it !


Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, for naturla hair care and natural skin care; mountain range
Rhassoul Clay comes from deep within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
rhassoul clay skin clay from Morocco, beautiful woman with long dark blonde hair standing in a field
Rhassoul clay naturally cleanses and conditions skin, scalp and hair and can be used for daily skin and hair washing; it will last up to a week or longer once mixed with water or floral water









How to Use Rhassoul Clay for Hair & Body

For best results mix with a high mineral content bottled water or any pure floral water; organic tea such as chamomile will also work. Aloe vera juice is also excellent for this Moroccan clay.

The remarkable properties of this mineral rich clay include :  it reduces dryness, removes impurities, unblocks pores, and improves skin clarity and elasticity resulting in a general smoothing of the skin. It is for all skin types and may be especially suitable for eczema and psoriasis skin.

Use it daily in place of soap and occasionally or regularly in place of shampoo.

Moroccan Rhassoul clay  is perfect for use in between shampoos, or to use regularly instead of shampoo.

  • Ideal for use just before henna/indigo and especially while detoxing from hair dyes prior to first time henna/indigo.
  • Add a quarter cup of water to approximately a quarter of the clay slabs; let the clay soak up the water for 10 to fifteen minutes then  stir well until you have a soft silky smooth mud paste. Add a few drops more water if needed and let it soak another ten minutes if there are still any solid rock particles present. Add another slab of clay if the paste is too runny and you want a thicker mud.
  • Use the mud to wash your hair and also to gently exfoliate the body.
  • You may also use the Rhassoul mud as a face and body mask – especially good for eczema and psoriasis : apply the mud all over and  wait for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it all off. Build up the applications gradually, starting with once a week.
  • Use the Rhassoul mud to soak feet on hot days – it will sooth dry skin and  help your body absorb some magnesium rich minerals.


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5 reviews for Moroccan Clay

  1. ellar.hunt14 (verified owner)

    I have very sensitive skin but this clay is fantastic and does not aggravate my skin. I use it as a face wash, with a small amount of the dried rose petals added. This combination boosts the circulation, gently cleanses and gives a nice soft glow to the skin. Fantastic product. Thanks for stocking these wonderful natural products.

  2. Kerri (verified owner)

    This makes my hair look amazing , rubbed it all over me in shower also., felt so cleansing & natural

  3. Cheri (verified owner)

    Great to use as a face mask. I sometimes add it in with bentonite clay for a deep cleansing mask. Highly recommended!

  4. KitD (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical about using this, and I have adult acne which is very reactive. This is instantly cooling, soothing and cleansing. No stinging, itching or irritation. I’ve been using it as a face mask three times a week and it is so comforting to use. My acne is settling down. I can’t say it has gone, but this really helps to cool and soothe. It’s much cheaper than most face products and you need to use so little to see a difference. Highly recommended.

  5. luciaogmaria (verified owner)

    I use this as a facecleanser in the evening. I was surpriced to know that the clay really feels like regular soap, and that you feel so clean afterwards. It removes oil, make-up and it is so lovely that it is a healthy natural product. Will definitely continue to use this.

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