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Best Natural Hair Dye Herbal Hair Colour Kit, recommended by dermatologists as suitable for hair dye allergy/PPD allergy.

You can use this herbal hair colour kit on all hair colours; whatever your starting colour, it’s the best natural hair dye !

If you want a hair colour shade of auburn, brown or black  and are new to henna and indigo, this is the  Kit to start with.

  • Comes with everything you need + detailed instructions booklet
  • Probably enough for 3 applications on medium length hair
  • Suitable for those with hair dye / PPD allergy
  • Suitable for 100% grey hair

Contents: 200gms pure Indian henna, 200gms pure Tamilnadu indigo (enough for 2 applications on medium length hair), 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, + detailed instructions booklet.

Ingredients : Indian Henna : 100% Lawsonia Inermis , Tamilnadu Indigo : 100% Indigofera Tinctoria

Visit the FAQ’s below for more information about how to use pure henna and indigo; complimentary customer support via email is available using the website contact form. Additionally there are extensive website resources to your left which tell you everything you need to know about herbal hair colouring and how to colour hair with chemical free plant based hair dyes.


herbal hair colour
herbal hair colour is from plants
best natural hair dye,, woman in yellow top standing under a tree,touching her long dark brown hair
the best natural hair dye comes just from plants
plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes, close up of green leaf
we harness the power of plants to create plant based hair dyes

Plant Based Hair Dye Renaissance Henna Specialists

Renaissance Henna are herbal hair colour specialists



How much henna for hair / indigo do I need and how long do I leave henna in my hair for ?

We recommend the following quantities for mixing henna and indigo,and we recommend that you reduce these quantities by about 10 to 20gms for really fine hair, and double the quantities here for really thick hair. [If you’re in a country that doesn’t use grammes, sorry, just try to adjust according to the weight of the pack , eg  50gms = a quarter pack of the 200gms bag of henna, 100gms = half a pack & so on:

  • short to chin length hair – 50 gms henna / 30 or 40 gms indigo
  • shoulder length hair – 100 gms henna / 70 or 80 gms indigo
  • mid back length hair – 200gms henna / 140 or 150 gms indigo
  • hip length hair – 300 gms henna / 210 or 220 gms indigo


What colour will I get with henna and indigo ? How to get auburn, brown, or black hair colour.

To predict henna hair colour you need to understand how henna works, what it does, and what it does with  indigo.

The pictures below will help you to understand how henna works on different hair colours. But the only sure fire way to predict what henna hair colour you will get with henna and  indigo is by doing a strand test. This is especially important if you have blonde or ash colour hair. You’ll see some strand test results in our Henna Hair Dye Reviews Gallery which you can get to from the menu link at the top of this page.

You’ll see that whilst henna is its own right a henna auburn hair dye, it’s not just about natural auburn hair colouring. Henna dye colours hair a different shade of auburn henna red depending on your starting colour. The lighter the hair colour base you’re starting with the more intense then henna auburn will be.  The darker your starting colour, the more subtle your henna hair dye shade will be.

Henna and indigo will always make your hair colour darker, not lighter. Your henna hair colour is determined by your starting colour. Henna will slightly deepen darker hair colours and will add mild red low lights to your hair.

On lighter hair colours your henna colour will be much more noticeable. You’ll get auburn hair colour on light brown hair and chestnut brown tones with red lowlights on darker brown hair.

Blonde hair will turn fiery red.

Grey hair will go orange red, and you’ll need to use indigo after the henna to tone it down to brown, through to black.

Indigo after henna will always get you to brown within 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Indigo after henna will get you to black within 50 minutes to 1 hour.

About our plant hair dye

We’ve been sourcing the best quality chemical free hair dye from around the world since 2005 and have developed  natural plant based hair dyes that achieve stunning hair colour.

Our ethos is very simple : we take what the earth gives  and we add nothing.

All our plant based hair dye products are naturally organic. We do not add PPD, ammonia, metallic salts, or anything else. Our hair dye products are 100 per cent crushed plant leaves.

Our products are recommended to people with PPD hair dye allergy by dermatologists.

We’re on a mission to promote plant based hair dyes ! Because we care about sensitive scalps and love to harness the power of natural plants to colour hair

We want you to achieve your hair goals and get beautiful hair and beautifully coloured hair just by utilising the power of plants ! Even if you’re allergic to chemical based hair dye or suffer with eczema, psoriasis or other sensitivity which  restricts or prevents your use of normal hair dye, we have an alternative plant based hair dye solution to colouring your hair that works. It’s worked for many people with allergy to PPD in hair dyes and it’s recommended by dermatologists to patients with allergy and sensitivities to hair dye and other chemical based beauty products.

Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly Hair Dye

We do not believe in cruelty to people or animals.Our ethos is self respect,and a love  for human life, health,and hair. Our mission is colour your hair utilising the power of plants which grow in the harshest of conditions and yet survive to make a difference.


Herbal Hair Colour: Start Your Herbal Hair Colouring Journey with a Natural Hair Dye Kit

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13 reviews for Herbal Hair Colour Kit, Long Hair

  1. Jayne Williams (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say how much I love Renaissance Henna! I became allergic to chemical hair dyes about 3 years ago. When I first became allergic I thought the only thing to do was go grey or blonde neither of which were good options for me. I have coloured my hair since I was 14 and I’m 52 now!

    A friend told me about henna and after doing some research I found the Renaissance Henna  website and ordered a starter pack of henna and indigo. It wasn’t anywhere near as messy as I thought it would be and the result was amazing. The first time I applied henna my hair came out a beautiful shade of light auburn and I would have left it that colour had it not been for my fluorescent orange roots (which I was prepared for having read that this is the effect on grey hair). I left the first application on for 3 hours. I then applied the indigo which I found easy to apply. I applied it to my roots first and then all over and left for around half an hour.  The result was amazing! My hair has never been so shiny and looks and feels so much thicker. I like the fact that it isn’t a flat colour and looks different in different lights and also changes over the weeks between applications. I used to ‘do my roots’ with chemical dye about every three weeks but with henna I can easily stretch that to every five weeks. I recommend it to everyone – and say don’t be put off by the time it takes or the potential messiness of it. Even if I could go back to chemical dye I wouldn’t- I love the wholesome, natural feeling of henna.

  2. sarah hurley

    100 percent recommend the Henna/Indigo starters kit which I have been using for years now. Thank you for this wonderful product, it keeps me looking younger 🙂

  3. isabelleke67

    Dear people at Henna Renaissance I have been using Henna Renaissance henna and indigo for almost 4 years now to cover my white grey hair and I have been very satisfied by the very natural result and often been complimented on it. I have worn my hair grey for over 10 years, but was no longer comfortable with it since over the years my grey lost most of its shades and had turned white, which terribly aged me (you should know that I am only 49). So I have been applying henna and indigo for over 4 years now. I sometimes leave the indigo in for more than 24 hours and thus sleep with it, only to assure I can achieve the darkest possible result (being born as a brunette). Since I am really, really grey, the result is that the ends of my hear get darker and darker (after every application) while at the roots they are a pale light brown, no matter how long I leave the indigo. This isn’t so much of a problem since I have worn short haircuts ever since discovering Henna Renaissance. I used to have a haircut before each application so that there would be fewer darker ends butnow I would like to keep my hair a little bit longer. What would you suggest to prevent the ends getting darker and darker and the roots too light? Should I have 2 subsequent applications? If so, is it necessary to apply henna again, if, e.g. I just had a henna/indigo application some days before or can I just do the indigo (provided my hair hasn’t grown in the meantime and so there are no new greys). Or should I have a partial second application, only covering the lighter parts of my hair (which would imply I have to ask someone else to apply the henna?/indigo since I will not be able to see the lighter parts on the back of my head). I welcome any ideas on how I might get a better result for I know when I am in an urgent need of a new dye when I have 3 colours on 1 single hair : grey at the roots, ginger on the part where the indigo has worn off and dark brown on the part that has has multiple indigo applications. Thank you very much for your good work! Many thanks in advance, Isabelle, Ghent (Belgium)

  4. sallyobrian

    Just wanted to let you know how I got on with my first use of Renaissance Henna. I have been dying my hair with permanent dyes for about 10 years, first dark brown and then the last 2 years with more reddish colours. I’m lucky to have quite thick shiny hair but it was starting to dry out with the repeated 4 weekly dye sessions. My daughter suggested I tried Henna. I used to use henna when I was younger, bleaching my hair first and then using henna over the top to give vivid bright orange colours. I remember thinking as a teenager how much easier it would be to achieve bright coloured hair when I had grey hair instead of having to bleach it all the time. If only I knew then……… lol. My hair now is about 40 % grey at the sides and front and dark brown at the back and between the grey. Without even worrying about my pre permanent dyed hair, I bought some Henna from Lush to give it a try. I used their Caca Rouge henna block. As my hair is quite long, I used 2 thirds of the block on the first application. The smell was really strong and lasted for days. I think it smells like pesto sauce, but my daughter says its worse! I found it quite difficult to get a smooth paste with it and it dried out quickly as I was applying it. I really didn’t enjoy the process but the colour was a lovely deep red with dark orange on the roots. My hair did feel lovely afterwards but took about 4 days to stop smelling strongly. When my roots started growing out 3 weeks later I used the rest of the block. I am impressed with the staining power of the Henna on my grey hair. I did a bit of research and discovered Renaissance Henna and owing to all the good feedback and very helpful information on the website, decided to try the Beginners Henna pack. I tried it out yesterday and was very happy with whole experience. I found the paste easy to mix (I used a balloon whisk to get the smoothest paste I could) and so much easier to apply than the Lush Henna. The smell was much more pleasant and easy to get good coverage. I used just the Henna as I wanted to see how red it came out, and applied it in sections around the front and sides first to make sure all the greys were covered. I then slathered the rest all over my hair and it was really well covered. I used 10 tablespoons of henna powder and my hair is midway down my back. I covered my head with cling film and wrapped it in a towel and used a hairdryer to warm it up. I left it on for 3 hours. When I came to rinse, I rinsed the bulk of it out using the shower attachment and then ran a bath and soaked the rest out. It was a lovely experience and it did make my skin soft too. It felt a more relaxing way of dying my hair than the rushed permanent dyes that burn your nostrils and stain everything. I didn’t shampoo yesterday just rinsed and conditioned with my favourite conditioner. I will wash it again today with shampoo and condition again. The colour today is a deep orange red tinge over the brown with dark orange on the greys. I am hoping the red will darken after repeated use as I am trying to achieve more of a deep red than orange but I am very happy with the result and the condition it leaves my hair in. I am now converted and will use Renaissance Henna from now on. Instead of the monthly chore, dying my hair will now become a relaxing experience with the added excitement of seeing what colour my hair will come out. I’ve attached a before and after picture for you to see. Thank you Sabrina for all your helpful information Update: I shampooed my hair the next day and the day after that my hair was wonderfully soft. I am very happy with the colour. Sabrina did recommend using some of the indigo to tone down the orange but I love how bright it is.

  5. Anonymous

    I am delighted with my purchase of the Renaissance Henna and Indigo starter kit, very good value and superb package all round, from the quality of the product to the detailed instructions. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and professional service I have received. I used your pure henna powder, soaked overnight with water and a little lemon juice on my hair for just over three hours two days ago – I forgot how much I loved the earthy smell and texture of it. The henna has made my regrowth (which was dark brown flecked with grey) go a mid to dark red with coppery strands which and the condition is just great. Still deciding what to do about applying indigo as I am hoping it won’t get rid of the lovely ruby glow I have achieved with henna alone. I will definitely be ordering my henna and other products from you in the future and have already made recommendations to several friends.

  6. Arabella

    I started using Henna and Indigo over a year ago. I have medium to dark brown long straight hair with quite a lot of greys (maybe 30-40% now). I had it dyed at the salon for years and although I had no actual reaction to the chemicals I hated putting them on my hair and my hair became gradually more and more leached out and dry, the mid to end section looked bleached unless it had recently been coloured and was frizzy, tangly and dry. Also if I went my natural darkish colour it looked too dark and artificial against my skin. NOT ANY MORE! The first Henna and Indigo application was an experience – I was terrified of dropping it onto surfaces and getting orange skin etc and was very unused to colouring my hair as it was previously done in the salon- but actually I need not have worried as within another application or so I became a dab hand at it – I find most of it washes out of the hair towel and certainly wipes off hard surfaces so I don’t worry about it now. As my hair tangles so easily I had a few problems with that initially but have since got a “tangle teezer” brush (which I would highly recommend) and you can get one to use in the bath/shower so I just run through the hair with conditioner in after shampooing the colour out and I don’t find I am pulling loads of my hair out anymore. Back to the Henna/Indigo – My hair is now glossy and fully of condition – no more frizz. This stuff does much more than simply colour your hair, it completely repairs it, you see a difference immediately and then over the coming months it gets better and better. I get compliments about the condition of my hair and the colour. The other day a nurse who was treating me suddenly stopped mid conversation and blurted out – “I just love the colour of your hair – it’s got gorgeous chestnut lowlights!” What I do now is apply henna and Indigo in one application every now and again to get a deep colour overall and then in the sessions in between I just use henna which means that the odd greys coming through and some other hairs just take up the reddish chestnut hue and look really natural and shine in both sun and natural light. Even when my hair goes quite dark with the indigo – it seems more natural and does not make me look older as the chemical dye would. For me this has been a fabulous discovery, it’s cheaper than salon dyes, infinitely better in colour, and applies a natural treatment at the same time. No more frizz, no more bleached dry ends. Furthermore, my husband likes it and says that henna is sexy – and I would not say he has any particular leaning towards bohemian looks – so what more can I ask for? If you are in doubt, go for it, get this pack to start with as it tells you exactly what to do – after that you can experiment with different quantities of henna and indigo etc. Don’t be put off by the long explanations in the pack – they are really helpful – and don’t be frightened by it all – you will love the results and use it forever more……!

  7. Anonymous

    I bought the henna/indigo kit after developing itching & pain etc etc after having my hair coloured at my local hairdressers. (I’d had the same colour & hairdresser for the past 4 years before developing problems). The henna/indigo kit is superb. I followed the instructions closely & have been delighted with the results. I wanted to colour greys at the roots & have found that one application of henna for two hours, followed by indigo for 15minutes cover the grey in my mid dark brown hair, giving a chestnut richness. This lasts well until the roots grow through & so I repeat at about 6weeks. Today I tried Method 2; henna & indigo mixed together & left on for two hours before rinsing & shampooing. Again I’m delighted with the result & will probably go over to using this method in the future. Hopefully the colour will last as long. I have just ordered a second kit so will update/review again later. Many thanks – I’m sticking with this way of colouring my hair. (Am I odd? I love the smell!!)

  8. R.I

    This is a really good kit to go for if you are new to henna and indigo. The kit comes with a really helpful instruction’s booklet which is well written and full of helpful tips and good advice. If you are new to henna I would highly recommend this kit. I have been using Henna and indigo for about 5 months and my hair is a lot more healthier, the colour is long lasting and it feels like you’re giving your hair a treatment, especially if you have abused it in the past with straighteners or chemical dyes. It’s also a lot healthier for you and the environment as you are not dumping nasty chemicals into you or the water supply (which we drink and wash with) and you still get better hair and colour than chemical dyes and treatments. RK

  9. jomorris1994@gmail.com

    It is coming up to a year for me using this product, and again i am still very impressed with the colour! I always get compliments on how healthy and shiny my hair looks, and thats even weeks after applying the product. I have not got a bad word possible to say about Henna Hair Color Kit and would definatly recommend everyone to buy it regardless of chemical hair dye allergy’s or not! I’m sat with the Indigo on as i type and cant wait to rinse it off and have at least a couple of month of shiny, healthy hair with a gorgeous colour! (darkest brown/black with red/purple undertones) Again thanks Sabrina, i would be so lost without your Henna Kit! Kinds Regards Jo 🙂 

  10. carriemu09

    If you are in any doubt that henna/indigo works to cover greys, it definitely does work. If you want a completely natural, affordable way to cover your grey hair, don’t hesitate. I have naturally dark brown hair with a few greys. I left the henna on for two hours and then the indigo on for twenty minutes, for a mid-brown finish. The result is warm-toned, with the greys appearing as reddish highlights.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi, I would personally like to thank you for this fantastic product! I have just used the henna/indigo for the 2nd time and again are amazed at the results! My hair is naturally dark brown, but for years have used chemical hair dyes to get a black colour, until recently i became allergic to them so had to stop using them for health reasons, i got given your leaflet with lots of useful information and decided i would give it a try. I got 2 applications out the 1 package so defiantly value for money, and the most amazing shiny healthy hair, i truly believe that since my 1st application (which was beginning of November) my hair is growing more! Only downfall is the long process to apply (over 4 hours) but its defiantly worth it with the outcome. Ill be placing an order again very soon. Kind Regards Jo 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    I have thick curly hair with a few, but too many, grey hairs. I am naturally dark and always longed for red hair and I dread to think how much I have put my hair through on my quest. Finally I discovered this Henna kit and I will never go back. It is such great value compared with chemical colours I was buying, leaves my hair in great condition and, of course, the gorgeous glow with beautiful red hairlights is my dream come true!

  13. Anonymous

    I am originally dark brunette, now with almost 80% white hair, and have been dying my hair for about 20 years with chemical dyes, which have made my hair dull, dry, and my scalp itchy and red. I just recently bought the Renaissance Henna Herbal Hair Colour Kit and tried henna and indigo for the first time, and I must say I am really amazed by the result! The colour came out really beautiful and naturally looking, and my hair feels thicker, smoother and I notice no itching! I mixed henna with orange juice and put to rest for 6 hours, then Indigo with bottled water, then mixed them together (50% henna 50% indigo) +4 spoonfuls of fructose. At first I covered only the roots for 2 hours 20 min, then the rest of the hair with the paste that remained for another 40 min (3 hours total) and the roots were perfectly covered! And no mess at all. I highly recommend new users to do some tests on hair from the hairbrush before application, to understand how it works. This product is really great! I definitely will not use chemical dyes again.

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