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Herbal Hair Colour Kit, recommended by dermatologists as suitable for hair dye allergy / PPD allergy.

You can use this herbal hair colour kit on all hair colours, whatever your starting colour.

If you want a hair colour shade of auburn, brown or black  and are new to henna and indigo, this is the  Kit to start with.

  • Comes with everything you need + detailed instructions booklet
  • Probably enough for 3 applications on medium length hair
  • Suitable for those with hair dye / PPD allergy
  • Suitable for 100% grey hair

Contents: 200gms pure Indian henna, 200gms pure Tamilnadu indigo (enough for 2 applications on medium length hair), 100g cassia obovata conditioning hair treatment, 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, + detailed instructions booklet.

Ingredients : Indian Henna : 100% Lawsonia Inermis , Tamilnadu Indigo : 100% Indigofera Tinctoria, Cassia Obovata : 100% Cassia Obovata

Cassia obovata will repair, boost and nourish hair, leaving you with the feel of fuller, thicker hair; it will also work against dandruff.  To achieve noticeable results, use cassia once a fortnight for 4 to 8 weeks. It’s a herbal hair treatment especially for damaged and lifeless hair that requires hair love and hair restoration treatment ! We also sell cassia obovata on its own.

Visit the FAQ’s below for more information about how to use pure henna and indigo; complimentary customer support via email is available using the website contact form. Additionally there are extensive website resources to your left which tell you everything you need to know about herbal hair colouring and how to colour hair with chemical free plant based hair dyes.

How much henna do I need ?

What colour will I get with Henna & Indigo; how to colour your hair auburn, brown and black with plants and herbs.


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woman with long brown hair sitting on a swing
Beautiful brown hair colour with henna and indigo , conditioned with herbs

plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes, close up of green leaf

harnessing the power of plants to create 100% natural hair dyes





Plant Based Hair Dye Renaissance Henna Specialists



plant based hair dye by Renaissance Henna natural hair dye specialists




Herbal Hair Colour: Start Your Herbal Hair Colouring Journey with a Natural Hair Dye Kit

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