Organic Amla Hair Oil for Healthy Hair, 100ml

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Nourishing hair oil  with all natural ingredients.



Organic Amla Hair Oil UK 

This is our purest organic Amla oil yet. This Amla hair oil  is an unrefined, and cold pressed Amla Oil in a perfectly proportioned Ayurvedic blend of base oils and extracts designed to maximise hair repair, promote hair health, and get you to smooth silky hair. Amla is a fruit that grows in India and it is known and widely respected for its health benefits.

When used consistently, over time, Amla will very slightly deepen your hair colour whilst adding natural gloss and shine. This is why many people refer to it as an effective anti-gray hair oil.  Amla is, however, a natural hair treatment oil in its own right. This a conditioning and repairing natural hair oil. The amla fruit, also known as indian gooseberry, is said to be the richest natural source of vitamin C on the planet ! It’s botanical names are emblica officinalis and phyllanica emblica.


Organic amla oil for healthy hair ; woman with brown ahir brushed to one side, eyes closed,
Organic amla oil is for healthy hair
Organic amla oil comes from the Indian Gooseberry, Amla Fruit
Organic amla hair oil UK comes from the Indian Gooseberry, Amla Fruit
young man with healthy dark hair wearing gray T shirt, standing against a leafy, shady background
Amla is natural hair oil for all hair types, for men and women











Ingredients: Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Organic Amla Extract, Natural Almond Oil, Organic Shikakai Extract, Natural Grapeseed Oil – all Cold Pressed oils. 100ml.

  • Due to a print error on this bottle we have massively reduced the price by over 50% !! The print error states the products expires in 2024 which is incorrect.  It’s fine to use up to 12 months after opening.

Naturally high in Vitamin C,  this  Silky Hair Oil is free from petroleum and free from mineral oils.

Amla hair oil is reputed to stop hair loss, to halt grey hair in its tracks, and to strengthen, condition, and rejuvenate the dullest, lifeless hair.

Apply just 3 to 4 drops to your palms –  double for an intensive pre-shampoo scalp massage – rub palms together to warm the oil a little and spread it as far as your finger tips, then lightly massage your scalp, gently lifting the hair roots as you go, and finally apply oil to the ends of your hair by scrunching the hair and just gently touching the hair ends. Lightly brush hair to spread oil throughout the hair. You can omit the scalp massage and just apply lightly to hair ends for  gentle conditioning. For combination hair conditioning for exceptionally dry hair, shampoo with your usual shampoo first, then shampoo a second time using a ratio of 90:10 | shampoo : amla oil,  and you will get intensive deep hair conditioning along with stunning silky hair.

Use your Amla Oil in between Amla Powder Hair Mask Treatment, Henna, Indigo, Cassia Obovata, Shikakai, Neem, and  Rhassoul, to rejuvenate your hair colour, maintain hair gloss, and enjoy healthy hair.

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6 reviews for Organic Amla Hair Oil for Healthy Hair, 100ml

  1. nidaqayyum123 (verified owner)

    Hi I was wondering if I could mix this with other oils such as coconut, castor oil and black seed oil? Would that be more effective? If so how much oil of each quantity would you suggest I use. Thanks.

    • Renaissance Henna

      Yes you could mix this with other oils and the potent blend in this oil should add strength to your herbal oil blend; we don’t have any recipes for mixing oils; this hair oil is incredibly potent just on its own !

  2. Fran

    It’s an amazing hair oil, but a little goes a very long way. If you have straight hair use very sparingly otherwise it will end up looking greasy.
    But it’s great for taming the fly away hairs and the split ends.

  3. abdul hamid

    what % of the oil is amla oil in the 100ml amla oil bottle

    • Renaissance Henna

      Hi Abdul, it’s 22% active amla oil, and it’s one of our best sellers as so many people have tried this nourishing hair oil and got results with it !

  4. Janet Rebecca Taylor

    I love this for my eyelashes & hands before wearing rubber gloves. It really works for hair growth. Henna has been so rewarding, I have much thicker hair versus long expensive salon visits that stripped away my hair


    This hair oil is brilliant for scalp problems. Very soothing and healing.
    Note that it has almost no smell (unlike the previous version) and is extremely gentle.

  6. Madeleine

    I love this henna oil. It helps with anything your hair and head may struggle with. Everyone should have a bottle at home!

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