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Organic Plant Shampoo Reetha Powder

Reetha,also known as Areetha,Aritha,Soap Berry/ Berri, Sapindus Detergens amongst some botanists,is the powdered shells of whole soapnuts which grow on a tree called Sapindus Mukorossi:the Soap Tree. The fruit of the tree is commonly known as soap berry or soap nuts and they grow on the soap tree to provide us with a naturally organic plant shampoo !

This organic plant shampoo is also a natural body wash and face scrub.

The shells contain natural saponin. Mix the powder with water to form a brown colour, fruity smelling, hair and body wash paste. Apply to hair, and body, and massage gently. It lathers mildly like  natural soap.

About powdered Reetha

Ingredients : organic reetha powder (powdered shells of soapnuts), 100g.


organic hair dye made from plants
Organic plant shampoo, reetha powder, is for washing hair and body and lathers mildly and gently

Natural Shampoo from plants and trees

Organic plant shampoo hair wash for natural hair and body wash, as natural as water 



Benefits of Organic Reetha Powder

Soap nuts have been used as a natural hair wash in China for over 1,000 years !

Soap Berri is a natural synthetic chemical free hair wash, and leaves hair feeling thicker and healthier; it may help eliminate dandruff.


Organic plant shampoo for clean and beautiful hair
Organic plant shampoo for clean and beautiful hair


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Moroccan rhassoul clay is also a lightly lathering hair wash and a natural skin wash that will leave your hair, face, and body feeling cleansed, revitalised, and healthy. Natural clays and plants are know for their healing and anti dandruff properties and are widely believed to be good for health.These are the no poo shampoos that you mix with water to activate the cleansing powers of plants and clays before applying the wet paste or clay to your hair which you then rinse out.


Moroccan Rhassoul Clay






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