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Natural Hair Conditioner, Cassia Obovata Hair Treatment

Ingredients: organic cassia obovata powder,100g.

Cassia obovata is a natural hair conditioner treatment for healthy hair. Use regularly, weekly, for 3 to 4 weeks, to experience noticeable results. Mix the powder with water to make your hair treatment paste which you then apply to your hair for the desired length of time eg half an hour to one hour. Suitable for all hair colours and all hair types. Cassia obovata is a naturally  organic hair conditioner which will leave you with the look and feel of fuller, thicker, healthier hair. It is anti fungal and may help treat dandruff.


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For natural blonde hair care

herbal hair care is naturally organic

Herbal hair care is naturally organic



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6 reviews for Cassia Obovata

  1. fran leyland (verified owner)

    I have been using RH’s organic cassia for several years, and I love it. I left my old supplier when the quality dipped and it left zero colour after 3 hours! I have found RH’s cassia to be consistently good, giving wonderful results to my hair – conditioning and adding a golden colour to my stray greys. I use it monthly on clean dry hair, having left the mix (cold water only) overnight, I leave it on for 1.5 hours, wrapped in cling film and a turban. It rinses out easily with conditioner. I don’t wash it with shampoo (organic) until the following day. Wonderful stuff! It is a fine cassia powder and mixes quickly and well. It arrives well packed and delivery is always prompt. Thank you RH. Fran

  2. Claud (verified owner)

    Hi Sabrina,

    I want to place another order. I’m LOVING your products – this and the organic Amla

  3. Cheri (verified owner)

    I first purchased the cassia obovata and I must say it works wonders on my hair – I only realised this after I stopped using it and the quality of my hair declined due to using various other products. I mix the cassia with my usual hair conditioner and I sometimes include amla/henna depending on what my hair needs. It improves the strength of my hair and helps it grow. I’m now purchasing two packs so that I have enough for my weekly hair conditioning to get my hair back into a healthy state.

  4. Anonymous

    I use this to colour my ever increasing white hairs. I am about 10-15% white and my natural hair colour is mid/dark brown (no red in it) This gave me some lovely light blonde highlights. I leave it on for 3 hours on damp hair after washing with soap nuts. Soap nuts and cassia are VERY drying on my hair and I have to resort to a thick store bought conditioner to sort it out but otherwise I am very happy. Cassia from another seller has shown ZERO colour deposit even though I tried it several times. But this one is great! Will continue to purchase.

  5. Anonymous

    I love this stuff! I mix it with other powders like, amla shikakai and cinnamon in my hair masks. I love the smell and I don’t even need to shampoo after. Really nice for my hair.

  6. Anonymous

    As someone who is past the first flush of youth I have found this works beautifully for me. I had reddish highlights iin my blonde hair before, now it’s more ‘golden’. The number of people who have said that my hair is a ‘pretty colour’ means has given me reasons to buy it over the last 2-3 years. Not expensive and works as a conditioner too. I love it.

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