Organic Herbal Hair Colour Kit, Men & Women, Short Hair

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Organic Hair Colouring Kit for short hair

Recommended by dermatologists as suitable for PPD hair dye allergy.

You can use this organic hair colouring kit on all hair colours, whatever your starting colour.

If you want a hair colour shade of auburn, brown or black  and are new to henna and indigo, this is the  Kit to start with.

  • Comes with everything you need + detailed instructions booklet
  • Probably enough for 2 applications on short hair
  • Suitable for  PPD hair dye allergy
  • Suitable for 100% grey hair

Visit the FAQ’s below for more information about how to use pure henna and indigo; complimentary customer support via email is available using the website contact form. Additionally there are extensive website resources to your left which tell you everything you need to know about herbal hair colouring and how to colour hair with chemical free plant based hair dyes.

organic hair colour , green plant leaf
organic hair dye is all about natural hair colour  from plants
young smiling woman wearing a green beanie hat over long deep auburn hair coloured with herbal hair dye organic and natural hair colour
1. Your hair will go auburn red with organic  natural henna hair colour

organic natural hair dye herbal hair colour lady with long brown hair wearing a yellow short sleeve dress

2. Hair goes brown with organic natural indigo hair dye within 30 mins , applied after henna


organic hair colour; woman with short black hair covering her face, forest scene.

  1. Your hair will go black with organic indigo hair dye applied for one hour after henna on grey hair or light colour hair; if your hair is already a dark hair colour you do not need henna to get black hair. Indigo on its own will make your hair jet black in one hour.


Organic Hair Colouring Kit short hair, contents: 100g organic Indian henna, 100g organic Tamilnadu indigo, 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, + detailed instructions booklet.

Ingredients : Organic Indian Henna : 100% Organic Lawsonia Inermis , Organic Tamilnadu Indigo : 100% Organic Indigofera Tinctoria

Men: Experience Natural Beard Oil !


How much henna do I need ?

What colour will I get ?

About our plant hair dye

We’re on a mission to promote plant hair dye !

Why are Men’s hair colour products considered different to women’s hair colour products when hair is hair regardless?

This info is from the following website and we’ve cut and pasted the information from this website here as we think it’s really helpful in addressing the question why the concept of unisex hair colour should be easier to grasp when you get that hair is hair ! Men with very short hair may want to colour grey hair more frequently than women – that’s about the only difference. The beauty of henna and indigo is that you do have a considerable amount of control over your end hair colour, as explained in the very detailed hair colour booklet that accompanies this product. And of course feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have, using the website contact form.

“I’ve always wondered…why are there different hair colour products for men than there are for women? Is there really a difference?

This is a very timely question with the increased awareness of gender-specific marketing. What is the difference between men’s and women’s hair dye? Can a man use so-called women’s hair color (and vice versa)? Is the structure of hair really that different for men than it is for women?

Chemically speaking, there is no difference between the color a man would put on his hair and the color a woman would, as there is no difference in the structure of hair based on gender. That is, in comparing women’s permanent hair color to men’s permanent hair color, there is no difference. So can a woman use “men’s” hair color? Can a man use “women’s” hair color? The short answer is yes, but as with most questions, there is more to the answer….

To clarify, we are addressing the hair on your head—not beard or facial hair. The reality is that men tend to use hair color differently than women because they want a different outcome than women.

Let’s start with the length of hair. To make a huge generalization, most men have shorter hair than most women. This difference means that because men get their hair cut more often, they are probably going to color it more often, as well. That is, if your hair is only 1-2” long, a ¼” of hair growth is a much bigger deal than if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. For this reason, men who colour their hair usually color more often than women. However, it also means that men don’t require as much product as a longer-haired woman might. This is why hair colour that is marketed to men tends to not contain as much product as hair color that is marketed to women.”

What’s important is that you’re happy, comfortable and confident with the resulting natural hair colour regardless of gender. Henna indigo give you the option to tweak your application process to get a hair colour that works for you.

Herbal Hair Colour: Start Your Herbal Hair Colouring Journey with a Natural Hair Dye Kit


Additional information

Weight400 g

2 reviews for Organic Herbal Hair Colour Kit, Men & Women, Short Hair

  1. JL

    Hi Sabrina,
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    I have used henna before (not yours) but not for a few years.
    I am really happy with the results, I used henna first, it’s amazing that the mud like colour comes out so so bright! It was a shame to cover it really but I did look a little crazy! So used indigo later the same day, it took a while to apply (between me and my husband) as my hairdresser had long gone home by then and I was worried about it getting darker and darker, but it is a lovely rich colour.
    I dread the greys growing back and will need to repeat this whole process again. I love the fact that it is all natural and from the plant kingdom,
    Many thanks and blessings

  2. Lesleyanne Forman

    Coloured my hair for the first time yesterday with henna and indigo and I’m very pleased with the outcome. It was a lengthy process but worth it knowing I’m using a natural product on my hair. Was a little scared to leave the indigo on too long so my hair is a little lighter than I was hoping for but that’s just trial and error and I’ll know next time to leave it on a little longer.

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