Organic Rhubarb Root Powder




Natural Golden Highlights  & Organic Hair Conditioner, Rhubarb Root Powder

Ingredients:Organic rhubarb root powder, 100g.

Rhubarb root organic hair conditioner is for all hair types and all hair colours. Blonde hair colours will enjoy natural golden highlights from rhubarb root which do not show up on darker colour hair.Works particularly well with cassia obovata to naturally condition hair and promote healthy hair, and  on blonde hair the combination of  rhubarb root and cassia obovata will naturally  condition as well as highlight.

Our rhubarb root is an organic hair conditioner that will condition and repair all hair types.

  • Please note there is a print error on this batch of Rhubarb Root powder which states expires 2022. It is good to go till 2025 if not indefinitely. It expires approx. 6  months after opening  provided the packet is re-sealed and airtight after opening, and stored in a  cool, dry ,dark, environment.
Organic hair conditioner rhubarb root powder, woman with long healthy blonde hair in ornage dress standing against a stone wall and steps
Rhubarb root powder will naturally highlight and condition blonde hair
Organic hair conditioner comes from plants; green plant leaves
Organic hair conditioner comes from plants
Organic hair conditioner rhubarb root is also for dark hair; woman with long dark hair, dressed ina sleeveless purple top, standing against a wall
Organic hair conditioner rhubarb root is also for dark hair








Rhubarb Root



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Weight140 g


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