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Indigo is essentially a natural black hair dye.

Ingredients : indigofera tinctoria.

This organic indigo  is available in quantities of : 100g,200g,600g,click on the drop down list to select your quantity.

All of our indigo hair natural hair dying products are from Tamil Nadu, a region tucked away deep in the south of India.

Use organic indigo on dark hair to get jet black hair colour. On lighter hair colour, and grey hair, use henna first, followed by indigo to get black hair. Henna will turn light hair colours auburn red, and indigo after the henna will turn your auburn hair black, or brown if you leave it in  less than 30 minutes.

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What is indigo ?

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Where is organic indigo black hair dye from ?

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What colour will I get with henna and indigo ?

Pre mixing Henna & Indigo


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Weight650 g

100g, 200g, 600g

4 reviews for Organic Indigo Natural Black Hair Dye

  1. Sylvia (verified owner)

    Quality, reliable product and great, personalised customer service. I love the rich colour this product imparts, especially when combined with henna. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else!

  2. Sandra (verified owner)

    I used the organic indigo today. Wow it’s worked so well, too well in fact I’ve been transformed into a raven headed maiden! rather than a dark red brown 56 year old. It’s amazing though because indigo and henna dye is incredible as I am almost completely gray now but you’d never know.

    I used boiled Evian water (rather than local spring water) which I left to cool to tepid before adding it to the indigo powder. I added a few small pinches of salt. I covered my hair with clingflim and a plastic bath hat and then left the indigo on for 1.5 hours. I will photograph the amazing results for you tomorrow.

    I think the problems I was having were possibly from not using Evian but local water and also because I was not covering my hair. I have never had to cover my hair up until now and the results have always been superb – maybe due to the almost total greyness now it needs that extra boost of being covered.

    Anyway I am so happy now, thank you so much for your help and support.

  3. Lauren

    Hello Sabrina,
    I didn’t forget about giving you feedback. I decided to wait to re-do the henna + indigo until I had enough roots to cover again, so that I could see how well it was working.
    I did the henna two nights ago (made with cooled boiled water + sat 30min before applying. No egg for conditioning, no arrowroot gel), followed by the indigo yesterday morning. NO conditioner, not even pure argan oil, after rinsing out the henna and washing with gentle shampoo (no sulfates, parabens, etc). Indigo made up with Evian water and nothing else; left on for approx 30min. Cool water used for rinsing and washing both times.

    I now have a head of very rich, very dark chestnut hair (with tiny flashes of bronze lowlight-type accents), so close to my natural colour that you wouldn’t know I had coloured it. This is EXACTLY what I want.
    My hair is very dry, curly and (relatively) thick (not what it used to be, but still thicker than average). I was cringing at the thought of not using ANY conditioner after the henna, leaving it overnight, then trying to get a comb through it before applying the indigo in the morning! I was expecting a massacre — a Medusa, a cloud of hair like a spent dandelion, tons of knots, etc. It didn’t happen. The condition was actually OK despite nothing to moisturize it. No horrible dry/fried texture and no knots. That is a testament to the gentleness and conditioning properties of the henna.
    I was too skimpy with the indigo (because last time I made too much and ended up throwing some away). I’ll use more next time.
    Last time I did the whole lot myself. This time I did the henna (more time-consuming) and got my hairdresser to do the indigo, but I realized that’s backwards: I need another pair of hands to make sure I cover all the grey roots. Where I got the henna onto the roots, they’re covered, but I missed a few bits underneath and at the tips of my ears. It’s not the end of the world. Because these products don’t “cook” my hair, I can do it again in two weeks if I want to.
    I may experiment next time and leave the indigo on slightly longer. Just to see what happens — I don’t want to go blue-black or even brown-black. Without going red, I want to stay on the chestnut spectrum.
    I’m a lot more confident now. My whole head didn’t turn flaming orange (or blue, or green). I haven’t ruined my bath.
    I’ll finish off the ‘test’ batch of indigo next time, then go back to the original stuff I bought. And mix it with Evian.
    Many, many thanks for the after-sales support and coaching. I am telling people about this. My hairdresser works from home, so she isn’t tied to salon products, and I know she has at least two clients who are allergic to standard hair colour. If she can get her head round the technique, she should be joining your customer list.
    I’ll send some better photos when I have some. And I’ll be back for more when I run out (and look at some of the hair care products too).
    Best wishes,

  4. Anonymous

    So happy to have found all this info… Has made such a difference….can now carry on using hennna…with my greys coming through! Henna first & then the Indigo…making a lovely dark brown!Thankyou..Makaela Day

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