Organic Indigo Hair Dye

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Organic black hair dye.

Ingredients : indigofera tinctoria.

Our organic black hair dye is available in quantities of : 100g,200g,600g,click on the drop down list to select your quantity.

All of our indigo hair dye products are from Tamil Nadu, a region tucked away deep in the south of India.

Use organic indigo black hair dye on dark hair to get jet black hair colour. On lighter hair colour, and grey hair, use henna first, followed by indigo to get black hair. Henna will turn light hair colours auburn red, and indigo after the henna will turn your auburn hair black, or brown if you leave it in  less than 30 minutes.

organic black hair dye, woman wearing white with long black hair hanging over her face
organic black hair dye, plant leaf


What is indigo ?

About Indigo

Which Indigo ?

Where is organic indigo black hair dye from ?

How much indigo do I need?

What colour will I get with henna and indigo ?

Pre mixing Henna & Indigo


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Additional information

Weight650 g

100g, 200g, 600g

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  1. Anonymous

    So happy to have found all this info… Has made such a difference….can now carry on using hennna…with my greys coming through! Henna first & then the Indigo…making a lovely dark brown!Thankyou..Makaela Day

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