Organic Henna Mix + Acacia Catechu




Organic Deep Auburn Hair Dye Combo, suitable for hair with less than 20% grey.

Ingredients: Organic Henna Mix,100g + Organic Acacia Catechu,100g.

Our henna mix is henna with added herbs, and this is combined with acacia catechu plant powder to produce a deep auburn hair dye result which just touches brown with  mild reddish undertones.

Organic Henna Mix is  a therapeutic, deep conditioning hair treatment with added herbs for natural hair & scalp cleansing, which you can enjoy whilst colouring your hair at the same time. It contains: lawsonia inermis (henna leaf), emblica officinalis (amla), acacia concinna (shikkakai), sapindus trifoliatus (reetha), eclipta erecta (bringraj), cyperus rotundus (nagar motha). Instructions are inside the packet. It mixes to a beautifully smooth consistency, so smooth it could pass for BAQ henna, and it has a hint of floral undertones from the mixed herbs.

Organic Acacia Catechu Powder is added to henna to push towards brown. Colour results are more noticeable on lighter hair colours. If you have very dark hair with more than 20% grey  and you want a dark brown hair colour, we recommend you apply henna and then indigo  for deep brown hair color.

Organic deep auburn hair dye
Organic deep auburn hair dye with henna mix and acacia cathechu works well on lighter colour starting colours


Acacia Catechu is a natural herbal hair dye.

About Acacia Catechu, also known as Black Cutch, Kattha and Khair.

Properties of Acacia Catechu Heartwood.

Herbal hair colour from Plants,green lplant eaves
Herbal hair colour is from Plants


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Where to Start your Natural Hair Colour Journey

Don’t forget to look through our Natural Hair Dye Library resources, to the left of this page, and  to study our customer feedback pages which contains lots of real life examples of henna and indigo natural hair colour and how they work on different starting colours.





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