Organic BAQ Henna Permanent Red Hair Dye

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Permanent Red Hair Dye UK: Simply the Best ! The best red hair dye you can do at home.

Finest Sieve Body Art Quality Organic Henna Hair Dye,100g.

Ingredients: 100% Lawsonia Inermis.

Spice it up with our beautiful,organic,chemical free,pure BAQ red henna colour for hair ! Henna will deepen your existing hair colour and will generally always give you muted reddish brown undertones which will glow hotter in natural daylight, especially in the sun. The exception being grey hair / white hair / or blonde hair. Any light hair colour will always turn orange red with henna, but indigo will then turn it brown through to black, depending how long you leave it in for. This organic henna powder is from the purest organic earth in India, where henna is farmed to organic standards. We have sourced simply the best henna for hair ! It can’t get any better than this permanent red hair dye UK.

What henna hair colour will I get ?

Long red hair on woman lying on bench with her long wavy hair falling down n
BAQ organic henna by Renaissance Henna

permanent red hair dye uk, red chilli peppers

young woman wearing black over coat with long thick wavy red hair
Simply the best red hair dye rain or shine







permanent red hair dye uk, woman in red top with long red hair, holding a camera,, against a red background

permanent red hair dye uk, woman with red bobbed hair wearing black hat and fur collared coat

Permanent Red Hair Dye UK, finest BAQ herbal henna sieve makes a sticky consistency when mixed with water, is easy to work with, & gives superb red dye release & colour saturation



Take advantage of our extensive natural hair dye library resources to help you understand how herbal hair colour from plants work on all hair types and on all hair colours; complimentary e mail customer support is always available if you get stuck or have any questions. Feel fee to contact us at nay time, we are always happy to help you in your natural hair colour journey. We specialise in 100% natural, chemical free hair dyes for natural hair colouring.

How Much Henna do I Need ?

Which henna ?

BAQ Henna

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10 reviews for Organic BAQ Henna Permanent Red Hair Dye

  1. Arabella Moore (verified owner)

    I have been using Renaissance Henna now for many years – maybe 10. I started when I was not well with viral fatigue and I was looking at ways to improve my health, including reduction in use of all chemicals and a better organic diet. I had always had my hair coloured in a salon – so how was I going to improve that? I had started to get greys in my 20’s so I had been having it dyed for about 15 years already! I have long dark brown hair and before the use of Henna, it was in terrible condition because, being long, so much of it was regularly exposed to the harsh chemicals in hair dye. I had to have it cut shorter and shorter (which I did not like) and still the latter half of it was all frizzy and dried and leached of all colour. It only ever looked good for a few days after the initial dye. So I was looking online for natural alternatives and found Renaissance Henna – I have never looked back. I used Henna and Indigo separately as per the recommendations for starters who want brown hair. I did have some slight initial problems due to the salon dye remaining in my hair – or the bleaching effect of it – and the fact that we have a private water supply. So I got some green tints – which I have to say were very quickly corrected after I contacted RH for advise and used another application of indigo and used bottled water to mix the dye. After that, each time I dyed my hair it was more like a conditioning treatment that a dying session as the hair was so MUCH BETTER in condition after each application. It smoothed out the frizz and I was able to grow my hair past my shoulders again. Once I got used to it I was able to experiment and very quickly worked out how to just mix the henna and indigo together – you can experiment with proportions to get different shades from red to chestnut to very dark, almost black. Sometimes I would only use Henna and it would dye the greys a reddish colour that very quickly toned to a beautiful chestnut – these highlights looked so natural – and would be well near impossible to achieve in a salon! I had compliments from all sorts of people (like a nurse ) and my hairdresser on the condition and colour of my hair (never had that since I was a child). Now 10 years on, – aged 51, I have rather more grey than I did, so I am not quite brave enough to go for a very red look 🙂 So I use more indigo and I have long dark hair shiny healthy hair past my shoulders – which is still complimented – and I think and hope makes me look rather younger than my 51 years. Above all the look is very natural and not harsh like other dyes which can look odd against an older complexion. I have a tried and tested system that works for me. I don’t need a full amount of dye for the the whole head, I just do enough to do the roots and close to the head well. I prepare the bathroom – put an old sheet on the floor to catch any spills. I put face cream round my hair line and ears. Mix 3 tablespoons of henna dye up – with hot water from the kettle and some sugar to help mixing – I also add a tablespoon of rose petals as I like the smell. Next, in a separate bowl I mix 3 tablespoons of indigo dye with 1 organic egg, some sugar and sufficient room temp water to get a nice mix. When thoroughly mixed I mix both dyes together well and apply to my hair with gloved hands, getting well into the roots and hairline where my greys are coming through. I then spread the rest roughly through the hair. Wrap with clingfilm and an old scarf pinned in place. Get on with work at my (home) desk, or housework or whatever for 2 hours minimum – does not matter if I run over to 2.5 hours. Wash off in the shower. I usually use 2 goes with shampoo, then conditioner – comb through – rinse and then condition and rinse well again. I don’t really know how often I treat my hair, I just do it when I see the greys beginning to show – but maybe once every 6 weeks. Try it – you will never look back – if I had to go to a desert island – it would be my one luxury item I would save from the waves – so when rescued I did not look about 100 years old!

  2. ellar.hunt14 (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic henna powder that yields a very rich deep colour. It seems to soak up more water than other, different regional henna powders. I usually use 150-200g when applying other henna powders to my hair but with this powder I found that 100g is enough. The texture of the henna is really stringy, like cake mix and is very easy to apply to the hair with no drips. It has ample natural slip/mucilage so it does not drag or pull the hairs when applying, it glides on. I mixed the henna with warm chamomile tea and left it to dye release for 3 hours at room temperature. Once ready, I applied the mixture to my whole head, covered it up, and left it for 2 hours. It was really easy to rinse out. Fantastic colour, a rich and deep red, with shine and volume. Thanks for supplying this quality natural product.

  3. Sam

    I’ve been buying this henna for the last 5 years and I cannot fault it. It’s very finely sieved so it makes it easy to work with and the colour release is beautifully natural. I have shoulder length porous curly hair and probably use two thirds of the packet, left on for about 4 hours. I always make up the whole packet and freeze the rest for a quick root touch up a few months later. My top tip is to coat the dried henna hair in lots of conditioner, to help with rinsing out.

  4. elluther (verified owner)

    This is wonderful. I adore it <3 My hair is now glossy and gleaming and in so much better condition. It covers greys well and gives a beautiful natural colour. The powder is super-fine and mixes perfectly so there are no lumpy bits ready to drop off your hair unlike some other brands., and it rinses out easily. I’d never go back to artificial box dyes. This really is lovely and by far the best henna I’ve used. Highly recommended

  5. Dionne (verified owner)

    It’s not very often that I will take the time to write a review mainly because I am so disappointed I the products and what they say they will do.
    However, once in a while I come across a product that does exactly what it states it does.
    I was referred by a dermatologist from Guys Hospital and have been using this since then. (3 years now). I am so happy with the colour and condition of my hair.
    I always get compliments from other women.
    For me this is one of those products that I will always use.
    Thank you Renaissance.

  6. Susan (verified owner)

    my hair looks so shiny and healthy since I have been using your products.

  7. Angelica

    I use both the henna and indigo. My natural colour is very dark but I also have quite a bit of grey now and the products work beautifully. Sometimes I apply them separately with a day or two in between but lately I’ve mixed the two and applied in one go and got a very good result

    I now add olive oil to the mix as my hair is dry and that helped. It didn’t affect the intensity of the colour

  8. Awezan

    Just try one time this henna you will never use any other henna in the market.

  9. Ellie (verified owner)

    This is the best henna I have tried so far. It is indeed the finest shive and the color is very beautiful. It doesn’t give me a hard time in application nor washing it out. Thick consistency on application and it doesn’t drip all over whilst I have it on. It works miracles, I am in love with it. Furthermore, with other henna I had some itchiness for few days, not with this one.! I am happy indeed. I have whites on the top of my head and it turns it to orange/red that mixes beautifully with my darker hair. It looks like I have red highlights. I like it so much that I have never used indigo. It is 2 years now I use Henna turning down chemical dyes and my hair have recovered to their natural vibrancy. It feels great to know I put organic henna on my hair. Sabrina I cannot thank you enough!

  10. Anonymous

    Having switched from commercial hair dyes to Renaissance Hennas 3 years ago I cannot describe how much my hair has changed…I am well over 50% grey but mixing henna with cassia obovata and acacia catechu has given me red hair all over, with gentle hints of lighter and darker ‘threads’ probably from my remaining natural brown, or the acacia catechu, which adds brown tones. It looks and feels great and there’s no going back for me. Every 3-4 weeks on a saturday morning I go henna-tastic. Its worth the time and effort; people stop me and tell me how amazing my hair looks (its thicker, shinier since I started Henna) and at my age (nearly 50) I can’t tell you how nice it is to know those greys are not going to give me away, but there’s no price to pay by poisoning them with nasty hair dye. Henna forever! Thank you Sabrina.

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