Organic BAQ Henna & Indigo Brown Hair Dye

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Organic Brown Hair Dye.

Ingredients:Lawsonia Inermis,Indigofera Tinctoria.

Organic BAQ Rajasthani Henna  100g + Organic Indigo (Tamil Nadu) 100g.

We have combined our best body art quality henna with our purest organic indigo to bring you this organic brown hair dye henna/indigo combo. This herbal hair colour combines finely sieved, chemical free, organic henna and indigo to give you brown hair colour and black hair colour.

Henna will deepen your existing hair colour and will generally always give you muted reddish brown undertones which will glow in natural daylight, especially in the sun. The exception being grey hair / white hair / or blonde hair. Any light hair colour will always turn orange red with henna, but indigo will then turn it all shades of brown hair colour through to black hair colour, depending how long you leave the indigo in for.These organic henna and indigo powders are from the purest organic earth in India. We have sourced simply the best henna indigo for hair ! Have a look through the information in the links below, and feel free to peruse our customer feedback galleries to gain a better picture of how henna and indigo will work on your hair.   The feedback galleries contain images of  henna and indigo on all starting colours and give you an idea of the resulting hair colour which will range from auburn, through to light brown, dark brown, or black hair colour. Adjust your application times to get the desired hair colour result. All packets come with detailed instructions, but if you’re using henna and indigo for the very first time  we suggest you start with one of our boxed hair colour kits for beginners which comes with a more detailed instructions booklet and includes everything you need to get started .

If you’ve used this natural hair dye combo already and love your hair colour results, please share your experience !


woman wearing glasses with long wavy auburn red natural hair colour, hair dyed
natural auburn brown hair dye with just henna
beautiful woman with long silky wavy hair from organic brown hair dye with natural plant based hair dye
natural dark brown hair colour with henna followed by indigo plant based hair dye
beautiful woman wearing sunglasses with long dark glossy hair coloured with organic dark brown hair dye chemical free hair colour 100% natural
organic dark brown black hair dye with henna followed by indigo







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Additional information

Weight280 g

200g, 400g, 1200g

3 reviews for Organic BAQ Henna & Indigo Brown Hair Dye

  1. Ana

    I really love henna and indigo! I developed hair dye sensitivity after many years of dying my hair with comercial dyes so I wanted to try henna. I kept it for 3 and half hours on my hair, washed it and after apllied indigo for 15 minutes. LOVE IT! I will buy again!! In the photo its only after applying henna. In the photo the orange is muted believe me!

  2. Sally

    Hey Sabrina! So glad you could see my review 😃 You are welcome to use my photos. I wanted to gush on, and on about your wonderful ‘technical support’ but was afraid you might end up bombarded with a school of people to teach and not enough time?! I would love to share your website. People who have known me, know my hair used to be even more thin, even though I was younger. The chemicals and highlights just disintegrated my hair. It is now bold and sufficiently full, even with thyroid issues. I do need an order of organic henna but using the older henna until I get an order in. The henna/indigo worked great, just did it again yesterday. It was way overdue with lots of grey. Sally, x

  3. Nicky

    Hello Sabrina
    I have just received my order – many thanks as always, it’s the best henna I know!

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