Henna + Indigo + Cassia Obovata




Henna Indigo Cassia are the three main herbal hair colour and herbal hair care ingredients in the future of plant hair care and plant hair dyes.

Henna turns hair darker and pushes to deep brown with mild reddish undertones on already dark brown and black hair. On lighter colour hair henna pushes towards auburn. On light colour hair such as grey and blonde henna will turn hair orange. Indigo after henna on all hair colours will turn your hair brown  or black, depending how long you leave it in your hair for. Cassia works as an anti fungal natural hair conditioner and is good for all hair types and scalp conditions.


Henna Indigo Cassia
Henna Indigo Cassia, the future of plant based hair dyes


If you’re new to henna and indigo, we recommend you start with one of our Natural Hair Dye Kits for Beginners.

Rajasthani Henna 200g , Tamil Nadu Indigo 200g , Organic Cassia Obovata 100g

Ingredients :

  • Rajasthani Henna : Lawsonia Inermis,200g
  • Tamil Nadu Indigo : Indigofera Tinctoria,200g
  • Organic Cassia Obovata,100g

Which henna ?

Best quality henna and indigo Renaissance Henna, woman with long black hair and colourful swirly skirt looking up
Best quality henna and indigo by Renaissance Henna
Plant Based Hair Dye Renaissance Henna Specialists
Plant Based Hair Dye









Plant Hair Colour: Where to Start Your Natural Hair Colour Journey

Additional information

Weight1540 g

500g, 1500g


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