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Henna Cassia Dip !

With this lucky price lucky dip you get 100g of pure Pakeezah henna or 100g of Pure Cassia Obovata!

These packets may have been mislabelled so you don’t know what’s in them till you get them.The packets are sealed and the contents are fresh.

To test what you’ve got in your lucky dip,mix a teaspoon of the powder with a couple of teaspoons of water and place a small piece of white paper into the paste and let it sit overnight.

If the paper turns dark brown with a tinge of orange it’s henna. If the paper has a very mild yellow stain or no stain at all it’s cassia.

Henna will colour your hair whilst cassia will condition your hair.

Cassia on its own on blonde hair will naturally highlight if left in 1 hour +.  Leave in your hair for up to half an hour to 40 minutes for no stain. Cassia will not influence colour on darker hair tones.


Renaissance Henna Hair Dyes are Natural Hair Dyes, young woman with straight long brown hair standing under the shade of a leafy tree
Renaissance Henna Hair Dyes are Natural Hair Dyes

What is cassia obovata ?

What is henna ?

5 reviews for Henna Cassia Lucky Dip

  1. Elana (verified owner)

    Amazing products at an amazing price! Will never go back to mainstream hair dyes. The colours are so vibrant. Will definitely purchase again

  2. sabina

    I’m in love 😍 I’ve bought 5 pack for first time and i have 3 henna, 2 cassia. After henna
    I’ve amazing color and super soft hair. This time I ordered 20pack and I paid less than £20 amazing price !! £0.99 for a pack henna or even cassia 🤭🤭😊😊 loveit❤❤❤ thank you 😊

  3. Julia Ahern (verified owner)

    This is such a brilliant idea! I use henna and cassia for colouring my hair a lighter shade of henna (the cassia helps with conditioning too!) so I am super happy to be able to buy these two products on sale at a bargain price 🙂

  4. Nicola OReilly (verified owner)

    Lucky dip! Love that this is a thing, rather than just getting rid of the products! I would have been happy with either for colouring or conditioner! I got henna this time but will definitely purchase again!

  5. Claudia (verified owner)

    I hsve bene Lucky because I have received what I aimed: henna and only 1 pallet of Cassia.. The smell is genuine and the dust very thin

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