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Beautiful Pure Henna

Henna is a beautiful and small plant. It stands for truth and goodness. The power of good is greater than the power of oppression. Goodness, in the smallest measure, is a light; and the darkest evil in all its might will only ever serve to intensify the beauty of light. The blessed henna is light, and a reminder of a beautiful truth. In the most difficult conditions it grows and flourishes. And in the harshest of conditions it survives. So take a lesson from the beautiful henna – learn to stand apart, to survive in the face of oppression, and seek to flourish ! Attain true beauty, respect human life, and you will be setting a beautiful example. Encourage those around you to try. Liberate yourself and your loved ones !

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The Henna Dream is ancient hair wisdom philosophy for this new world that has gone far astray from the ethos of self preservation and common sense beauty. We now live in a world that self destructs – starting from the roots of your hair. Henna, Indigo, and Cassia Obovata are the roots of the Henna Dream and go way back in time, but they’ve become far removed, almost deliberately dislocated, from the modern world. A stranger in this time. But the sense of deja vu only tells you that they are sincere and true friends from the past. Your ancestors and mine knew them well and benefited from them. There are people who try to rubbish them [ even some scientists ] but I can only say to them “look at the history” and look how many people used them and lived beautifully, in a state of peace, to a ripe old age – and still do. On this one I definitely side with the conspiracy theorists – there’s too much of a vested interest at stake for too many pockets to lose out to Henna and Indigo. And it’d be so interesting to know who’s funding the anti henna research that’s going on. Anyway, if you like this site, and if you feel you’ve benefited from it, then please spread the word ! And please like us on facebook:       www.facebook.com/renaissancehenna – every little helps !
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC – 347 BC).