Storing Henna & Indigo

Always store in a cool, dry, dark place, out of sunlight, and out of the reach of children. My unopened packs of henna, indigo, cassia obovata, and other products, will easily last up to ten years ( possibly longer) if stored correctly. But once opened, it’s best to use them within 12 months as they may be less effective after that. Seal opened packs with a peg and store….simply close the inner(resealable) pouch and store within the outer casing by folding it over and then attaching a peg to keep it closed.

Freeze it !

The other thing is that you can freeze henna so once you’ve got the hang of mixing it up, you can learn to mix extra in advance and freeze it [after dye release] in an airtight plastic container. Next time you’re in a hurry you can let it defrost by sitting it in a warm/hot bowl of water for a while, and you’re ready to use it without the wait for dye release !

There’s nothing better than cold freshly defrosted henna on your head and in your hair in the heat of summer time. Try it also on the soles of your feet to keep your feet cool, but remember that they will turn orange ! Some people like to use henna under the arms, but if you decide to try that, do be wary of using chemical deodorants which could react badly – it may be fine, but I don’t know enough to be able to tell you if it’s safe.

Once you’ve got the hang of henna, you can buy the bigger quantity packs and mix lots of it up in advance and, after dye release, pack it into handy margarine size tubs in your freezer. It saves time and makes it overall a much more spontaneous and efficient experience.

A Word of Encouragement : A Home Hair colour that becomes Nice and Easy Hair Colour the next time you use it.

Finally, a word of encouragement – it might seem like a heck of a lot of bother initially, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll come to enjoy the henna / indigo routine as much as I do ( I hope !) and I think I should say that it is a learning experience and that it is beneficial in so many different ways . So be prepared to learn and be patient. It’s a good idea to line up a helper to help you with your first time application. When you’ve used it once or twice, you’ll never look back. As you get used to it, it becomes an easy home hair colour to use. And if you do end up looking back, oh well, at least you tried !