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Natural Dark Brown Hair Colour Success !

Dark Brown Hair Colour Feedback :

Zehra got dark hair colour with Renaissance Henna Organic Hair Colour Kit :

Natural Brown Hair Colour
Long Brown Wavy Hair Natural Hair Colour on Zehra with Renaissance Henna Indigo



“Btw i had the chance to try the henna & indigo, it was really amazing.
I am attaching a picture (for the record I wasnt driving when i took the picture, I was parked in front of my house :).”


Sally was also successful with her dark hair colour :

Dark Hair Colour Result
Dark Hair Colour Result with henna & indigo on Renaissance Henna Customer Sally
Natural Black Hair Colour Result
Natural Black Hair Colour Result with henna indigo , Sally’s selfie


“Hey Sabrina! So glad you could see my review šŸ˜ƒ You are welcome to use my photos. I wanted to gush on, and on about your wonderful ā€˜technical supportā€™ but was afraid you might end up bombarded with a school of people to teach and not enough time?! I would love to share your website. People who have known me, know my hair used to be even more thin, even though I was younger. The chemicals and highlights just disintegrated my hair. It is now bold and sufficiently full, even with thyroid issues. I do need an order of organic henna but using the older henna until I get an order in. The henna/indigo worked great, just did it again yesterday. It was way overdue with lots of grey. Sally, x”