Watch Out!

Watch Out !

Lots of dye henna for hair is sold in plastic bags or in smart looking little hair colour picture boxes with beautiful faces adorned with beautiful hair on the front, and marketed as nice and easy hair colour. But beware. Always check the ingredients are listed. And if you see anything other than “lawsonia inermis” added to it, then it’s not pure henna. If the ingredients are not listed at all, don’t trust it. It’s probably PPD laden. And watch out for the brightly coloured green powders that have colour dye particles added to make them look fresh and enticing. Anything added to pure henna dye for hair – apart from other pure & non chemical ingredients – contaminates it and is definitely bad news

Also watch out for those cute little death trap bouquet garni type white cotton bags full of black PPD crystals. Popular in Turkey and surrounding countries, it’s quite common to see people of all ages proudly utilising these pouches to achieve darkest black in their hair and on their eyebrows. It’s sad that something so dangerous is marketed as something safe and natural. It couldn’t be further from the truth . Check out Allergic Reactions to Temporary Tattoos and Black Henna Danger for valuable links on PPD. If you use henna and you don’t take the trouble to understand what PPD is, you’re asking for trouble – chances are that the natural henna you thought you were using is contaminated with PPD. It’ll weaken your hair and damage your health. Your scalp will sting a bit – or a lot – when you use it, making it itchy and sore (I used to think it was normal as well). You’ll be priding yourself on using a safe hair colour product but it’s the manufacturers who will be laughing because it’s so easy for them to get away with it. You owe it to yourself to wise up, wake up, and know good from bad. Get hold of the real stuff and then you’ll have every right to feel good about it.

Finally, please read about all of the dangers and warnings before trying henna and indigo –