Where our henna is from

Where my Henna, Indigo, and Cassia Obovata Come from

Nearly all of my products are from India and I’ve worked closely with my supplier in India to ensure that we cultivate and pack the freshest and purest henna, indigo, and cassia obovata. My main product, pure henna, is cultivated in Western India in a region called Sojat Rajasthan. Henna has been cultivated in Rajasthan since about 1476. Here are some photos of the henna fields where our henna grows.

Absolutely Pure Henna, Cruelty Free

It goes without saying that there are absolutely no additives, chemicals, PPD, or artificial colour dyes in any of my hair dye products. My Renaissance Henna Hair Colour goal is to give you 100% pure lawsonia inermis, 100% pure indigofera tinctoria, and 100% pure cassia obovata. I offer you chemical  free hair dye which I guarantee is PPD free hair dye. I offer you natural hair colour which is pure vegetable natural hair dye. The time that we live in is a wild world dominated by the likes of L’Oreal. But L’Oreal may not be worth it. You owe it to yourself to assess the hair dye safety risks, and the sensibility, of applying chemical hair dye to your scalp. Henna and indigo give permanent beautiful hair colour. Everyone on the planet should try it, at least once in a lifetime. You have the right to a better way ! A way that won’t harm your hair, your body, and your dignity. You deserve better. By taking the trouble to read this far and to understand the dangers of hair dyes like L’Oreal hair colour, you’ve earned it ! Because you’re worth it.

All my products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. They are tested on myself. I consider myself an excellent human guinea pig as I’m overly sensitive to all chemicals and herbs, and if there’s a reaction lurking I definitely react. I’ve endured years of suffering reactions to and irritation from synthetic chemical (& natural chemical) and petroleum based products, and years of searching for the “right” hair product, the “right” hair colour, and the “right” skin and beauty products. I’m not saying what’s right for me will definitely be right for you, but I reckon I’ve come very close to the very best possible solutions for hair, skin, and health, and that if you’re as fed up and frustrated as I was with what’s currently on offer in the wild world  commercial market, then it’s worth a try for you as well.