G6PD Enzyme Deficiency

Henna is not suitable for anyone who is glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) enzyme deficient – if in doubt, check with your doctor.

Due to G6PD enzyme deficiency, neither is henna suitable for use on infants, * young children, or anyone who is severely anaemic. I do not honestly know if the same applies to indigo and cassia obovata, and I would strongly advise you to check with your doctor or specialist if you are G6PD enzyme deficient. Please note that you can be G6PD enzyme deficient and not at all allergic to PPD. The two are not linked.

* Many well respected and knowledgeable henna artists will henna young children without any concern as, generally, it is considered safe. I would advise caution on using henna on children under seven years old. This is not meant as a guide, but it is my personal safety evaluation of the age threshold given that henna is not suitable for infants, and that certainly by age 7 a child is no more an infant.

See : here for pictures of  poisonous plants

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Interestingly, a lady who was diagnosed as G6PD enzyme deficiency has successfully used Renaissance Henna hair colour ( henna plus indigo) following medical advice. See the testimonial mail from Anita, Ilford : GO TO TESTIMONIALS : RENAISSANCE HENNA v L’OREAL HAIR COLOUR. However, I must stress that using henna if you know you are G6PD enzyme deficient is extremely risky. If you wish to consider using our products and you are uncertain, you MUST consult your doctor for advice. Never use henna on * young children.