Green Links

Green Links

It was a real challenge to clamber out of my L’Oreal hair dye days and not only that, but also to turn my back on endless top brand over the counter and mail order catalogue beauty creams and cosmetics to find the green way, the organic path to a state of clean conscience beauty and well being. I found that it’s a minefield on both sides of the green door unless you strive to be acutely aware of all ingredients and try hard to understand what they are. You’ll see the big cosmetic and hair dye companies selling products labelled “herbal”, “organic”, and “natural” when they’re nothing of the sort ! On the other hand, on the other side of the green door, you’ll get companies ( such as Aveda in my opinion) that are seemingly the green queen (owned by Estee Lauder) that go as far as to package their lipsticks in egg boxes to save the environment, whilst at the same time using parabens galore, amongst other stuff, in their products which I just don’t think is ethical at all. If you’re going to be green, you do have to be pretty clued up ! Unfortunately, I don’t think I can ever be entirely green as I don’t have what it takes……… I’ve found that there are certain boundaries that I find too hard to cross right now. I just can’t clean the kitchen stove with bi-carb of soda and vinegar alone, but on the other hand I absolutely refuse to employ anything containing formaldehyde which is a proven cancer causing agent … so why do all the cheap brands of washing up liquid contain it and why are so many women still painting their nails with it ?

Always remember that what goes onto your skin, hair, and lips, goes right into your body. And that’s the nightmare of waking up to what’s going on in the chemical beauty world. There’s stuff in beauty products and hair dyes that is banned in your food because it’s carcinogenic ( it causes cancer ) but it’s not banned in your toothpaste, your shampoo, your body lotion, your face cream and your cosmetics because it’s not considered food and it doesn’t enter your body through your mouth. But consider that whatever enters your blood stream does enter your body, it just goes in via your skin and mucous membranes. Whatever goes onto your body is as good as in your body. So take care, and remember it’s a wild world out there.

I think at the end of the day all we can do is aim to find out, learn, and balance, as much as possible. You can only try your best, based on the best value judgement you can make, and then teach your children well in the hope that they will grow up to make wise choices.

Now I’ve woken up I do tend to consciously strive, as best I can, for the green garden and the green dream. I hope you’ll strive too ! Here are some Green Links that might help you on your way :


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