Shikakai natural hair wash powder will cleanse and condition your hair and leave you with a healthy scalp.

Shikakai is the name used in India to refer to the powder from the crushed pod of the fruit of the Acacia Concinna tree, a small shrub like tree which grows in the driest regions of India.

Shikakai means, literally, “fruit for the hair”. This flattering nickname is a result of the fruits’ reputation as a superior hair cleanser, with a natural low ph that respects the hairs’ natural oils, leaving hair soft, shiny and gloriously clean. It is also due to its age old reputation for promoting hair growth and preventing dandruff. It is suitable for the most sensitive scalp.

Simply mix with water to create your natural hair wash paste and wash your hair with it. It is also used for washing face and body and will leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.


Organic shikakai for healthy strong, hair; woman with beautiful curled blonde hair
Organic shikakai for healthy strong, hair
Organic shikakai healthy hair wash is for healthy hair and all hair types; woman with long, soft, brown hair wearing a white blouse
Organic shikakai natural hair wash is for healthy hair and all hair types
shikakai hair wash powder in a foil sealed packet with pink label, displayed against a green leaf background
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Ingredients:Organic Shikakai Powder,100g.



Shikakai hair Wash

Our organic shikakai healthy hair wash is an easy to use plant hair powder and will naturally cleanse your hair without chemicals. It is especially good for sensitive scalps and fly away hair. Suitable for all hair types and all hair colours. Mix with water to form a soft mud like paste and apply to scalp and hair for natural hair cleansing and conditioning. Shikakai is also used to cleanse and condition your face and body.

Shikakai is especially good for fine, fly away hair

As well as being a gentle hair cleanser and conditioner, Shikakai is also anti fungal and known to treat dandruff and scalp conditions and nourish hair follicles.It deals with dryness and itching and makes hair glossy.

Make Your Own Perfectly Pure Shikakai Hair Growth Oil

To make Shikakai hair growth hair oil, simply add a teaspoon of Shikakai powder to Renaissance  pure Argan oil:…/organic-hair…/pure-argan-oil/

Give the bottle a good shake, and store it in a cool dark place for 2 weeks ( any cupboard in winter time is ideal). Agitate the hair growth oil by giving the bottle a shake once in a couple of days or so.

To help with hair growth and scalp conditions, massage your scalp for about 10 minutes with the oil and work the oil into your hair from the roots to tips. Leave in for 30 minutes, or overnight, before washing your hair as usual the following morning. Try this 2 to 3 times a week

Why Does it Work ?

The Shikakai hair oil boosts hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. It also keeps your follicles nourished and your hair conditioned.😊

Detailed instructions are inside every packet giving you lots of  ways to enjoy Shikakai.

Shikakai is part of ayurvedic hair care.