Swimming With Henna

Chlorine residue from swimming pools can cause your henna hair colour (and hair dyes) to fade and become dull. If you’ve used henna with metallic salts in it – like many of the pre mixed compound henna hair colours – there is a danger that your hair can turn green ! I can assure you that my henna hair colour products are 100% pure henna and 100% pure indigo and they do not contain any nasty metallic salts or other colour fixatives which some manufacturers use to market different henna hair colour shades. There are no added chemicals at all in my products.

To protect your hair from chlorine, try wetting your hair and smothering with our cold pressed henna hair oil and, for extra protection, use a swimming cap. Norma Pasekoff Weinberg suggests applying a tablespoon of hair conditioner to wetted hair instead. That’s fine as long as you’re at ease with the ingredients. I personally would forego hair conditioner and go for a vitamin rich oil instead like Renaissance Amla Hair Oil (naturally high in vitamin C and very good for hair). I’m hoping to develop some further products to use with herbal hair colours to get around the nastiness of using what’s currently available on the market.