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Jackie used Renaissance pure henna to go from light brown to a striking auburn. Although she had set out intending to use indigo powder after henna, she loved the auburn hair colour result so much she decided to stick with pure henna !
Pure Henna is a natural auburn hair dye that adds striking or mild auburn undertones depending on your starting colour. This is Jackie who colours her hair with our Pakeezah henna.

Auburn Henna Hair Dye

Jackie bought pure henna and indigo, planning to transform her dull mousy brown hair to a deep brown hair colour. But after using pure henna on its own she totally fell in love with her new striking auburn hair colour and she settled on Renaissance Henna brand Pakeezah Rajasthani henna as her new number one natural auburn hair dye. *This is the one we sell in our herbal hair dye kits.

Pakeezah means “purity of heart”. All our pure henna powders are 100% lawsonia inermis, pure henna. Our natural PPD free auburn henna hair dye is totally free from chemicals.

Pakeezah pure henna & indigo
Pakeezah pure henna & indigo comes from India


Pure henna will deepen your existing hair colour and will always give you muted reddish brown undertones which will glow in natural daylight, and shine in the sun. The exception is grey hair, white hair, or blonde hair – any light hair colour will always turn bright orange red with henna, but indigo will then turn it all shades of brown through to black, depending how long you leave it in for. Pakeezah Rajasthani pure henna powder is from the purest earth sources in India.

Ingredients : 100% lawsonia inermis. Select your quantity from the drop down list. Mix it with water into a mud paste and apply to your hair for natural auburn hair colour. Henna is a permanent colour plant hair dye. The lawsone dye from the powdered henna leaves is released when water is added.



All of our pure henna is 100% lawsonia inermis pure henna powder with nothing added.

What is henna ?

Where is our henna from ?

Frequently Answered Questions

What Hair Colour Will I get ?

Where to Start the Natural Hair Colour Journey ?

The  natural  hair colour end result will generally be pretty much the same whichever pure henna you use. Herbal henna mix on grey is the exception – only use henna mix on grey if you have less than 20% grey otherwise it’s just as much an option for you as any other henna. Which henna you opt for in the long term is very much a matter of personal preference or in some cases, just sticking with whichever one works for you first time round. The determining factors for some people in deciding which pure henna to opt for are  : powder consistency, ease of application, and earth source and environment. If you’re new to henna, we recommend you start with one of our Henna Natural Hair Colour Kits. Then experiment with other pure henna powders and compare the experience and results. We recommend that you start with straight Rajasthani henna powder, and add nothing except water. That way you can get a real feel for what pure henna is, how it works, and how it compares with organic, or body art quality, pure henna later on.


Natural auburn hair colour on woman wearing fur collared coat and black hat
Natural PPD Free Auburn Henna Hair Dye


How Much Pure Henna Powder do I need?

It depends how long and how thick or fine your hair is. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest these quantities and we advise to reduce the quantity of pure henna powder by about 10 to 20gms for really fine hair, and double the quantities for really thick hair : If you’re in a country that doesn’t use grammes, sorry, just  adjust according to the weight of the pack , e.g. 50gms = a quarter pack of the 200gms bag of pure henna, 100gms = half a pack & so on  :

  • short / chin length hair – 50 gms henna / 30 or 40 gms indigo
  • shoulder length hair – 100 gms henna / 70 or 80 gms indigo
  • mid back length hair – 200gms henna / 140 or 150 gms indigo
  • hip length hair – 300 gms henna / 210 or 220 gms indigo

The natural hair colour process with pure henna is as follows :

Apply the pure henna to your hair for a minimum of 2 hours; the process can be speeded up by use of a hair drier set to a moderate heat setting if you’re in a real hurry. How long you leave the indigo in for depends how dark you want the natural hair colour to be. It varies from say 10 minutes to 2 hours, or even longer if you want ! Ten to fifteen minutes will get you from the natural auburn hair dye tones to a muted brown hair colour; half an hour will get you to a deep dark brown hair colour ; an hour will get  you to black natural hair colour ; 2 hours an intense deep raven black hair colour. You get the idea. To start with, if you’re aiming for light brown natural hair colour, leave the indigo in for ten to fifteen minutes and determine if you need to leave it in for a longer or shorter period the next time. You’ll find it useful to study the hair colour gallery photos and  how long each person applied henna / indigo to their hair to get the natural hair colours shown in the hair colour pictures.


Rajasthani Henna Tattoo on the Soles of Your Feet  

Try some cooling, soothing henna on your feet in the heat of summer ! Mix henna powder into a paste with cool water on a hot day and apply the paste to the soles of your feet using a soft stencil held in place by soft lettuce leaves and / or cling film. To avoid the upper part of your feet and toes getting henna stain on them, apply some barrier cream or oil to your toes and upper feet. The best way to do this is sitting outside with a makeshift footstool or on a lounger with an old sheet placed underneath your feet. Sit back and relax for an hour or two and then hose off or shower off ! The soles of your feet will have a red orange henna stain and will help your feet stay cool and refreshed on the hottest summer days. The henna will condition and sooth any rough skin as well. You can also apply it under arms, but remember it will stain. The desert nomads have been using henna in this way for centuries past, and to this day it is still used like this by city dwellers and desert dwellers alike in the Arab regions.

Pure henna on your feet helps feet stay cool in the heat
Pure henna on your feet helps feet stay cool in the heat
Pure henna is used in the desert regions to stay cool in the heat
Pure henna is used in the desert regions to stay cool in the heat











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9 reviews for PPD Free Auburn Henna Hair Dye

  1. Liz (verified owner)

    I first used Renaissance henna roughly two years ago and was so impressed I left a review on Amazon. It the best result I have had from any henna product and I’ve been using henna for about 4 yrs now. Strangers comment on how beautiful my hair is and I am very low maintainance so it must be the henna.

  2. Deb (verified owner)

    Iv been using their Henna for over eight years now after i suffered a bad reaction to my hair dye . I was so upset at the time thinking i would now have to go grey when i discovered Renaissance . I now have beautiful coloured hair which is just the right colour and using henna also gives a natural condition unlike my old hair colour . They also have a great customer service , nothing is to much trouble , their advice has been so important in getting the right results !! can’t recommend them enough .
    Thank you for bring my hair back to life x

  3. Leanne (verified owner)

    This is the best Henna I have ever used. It’s is a fine powder and very easy to mix. I just mix with cooled boiled water, leave for 30 mins then plop on my head and leave for three hours. The result is very shiny red/orange hair that depends over 24hrs. Easy to wash out and shine lasts for ages. Good price and delivery is quick. Excellent packaging and instructions.

  4. kris-jimmy@cytanet.com.cy kris (verified owner)

    I have been using Renaissance Henna for years now and won`t buy anything else as the results are always excellent. I have quite alot of grey hair but not a full cover so when I use just Henna I get a lovely Auburn colour over my mousey brown hair and looks like orangey red streaks on the grey, I know I could use Indigo but am lazy and quite a few people have commented on how they like the streaks as it looks natural! I used to have a very flaky scalp but that has got much better since using the Henna, it still comes sometimes but for at least a month after Henna-ing I`m clear. My kids use the left over bits in the pot for tattoos and i know they are safe- both over 12yrs.

  5. Kate Van Suddese (verified owner)

    i am sensetive to all chemicals and literally cannot die my hair with ordinary hair colours, my body itches and my hair falls out. Even if i could i wouldn’t use them as they are so damaging to your hair and body. This henna is really lovely. Its fine and easy to make up .I make up a big batch and freeze small portions to touch up my roots every couple of months . The colour is a lovely warm rich dark copper/brown. my hair is naturally mousy brown with grey streaks but with the henna it becomes a rich notable colour and great condition. I have experimented with indigo and hibiscus for varying shades but prefer henna on its own. I like the sparkly orangeier highlights that appear on my grey hair sections too. I mix my henna with coldwater and fruit juice or lemon juice and leave overnight to prove then next morning just freeze it in portions. i bang it in the microwave to defrost and then do my roots for an hour and half. easy to wash out. i out it on dry or wet hair and just washed or dirty , it makes no difference it works every time. I can recommend it 100% and Renaissance too.

  6. Claudia

    A very warm copper red, I really love it on my Grey roots. The quality is good and the mixture is smooth to put on and to rinse away (no dundruff or knots).
    Shining healthy hairs.

  7. Decorellie (verified owner)

    Although I’m often mistaken for a redhead I actually have light brown mousey hair with a smattering of grey (shh!) I’ve been hennaing my hair on and off for 10 years. I’ve used Pakezzah henna for the last couple of years… yes, it took me a while to find a decent reliable brand. Love this stuff. Its a really fine powder/dust so mixes to a nice sticky paste (rather than the usual cowpat consistency of other brands ive used) it goes on easliy as its a sticky paste so I can paint it on to my roots for touch ups like you’d use a regular hair dye. It washes out of my hair really easily as it’s fine and not at all gritty. I mix one whole packet with some tap water and a squirt of bottled lemon juice until it reaches thick custard. constancy. Then portion it into ziplock bags roughly 3 equal amounts and freeze it – tried and tested failsafe way of getting colour release (I’ve had swamp green too many times in the past). Then when I need to do my roots I boil the kettle, put one of the bags of henna in a jug, Pour the water over it, squidge it around until it’s all melted and warm, snip the corner off the bag and squeeze henna out onto my parting and obvious grey bits. Clingfilm my head for an hour and wash it off. So easy. 😀

  8. Sheena

    This is my first experience with henna,I wanted to use it as I am going white/ grey , I have tried blonde and dark brown but as I am Scottish ,pale with freckles , they were both too harsh for me. Reviews say it helps grow your hair too, less breakages. I used just plain henna , on my collar length mousy hair grey roots,50g henna and one cup- not mug, off the boil hot water. Mixed it up to a smooth paste, put in a plastic bag for 25 mins, then using gloves, when it was cool enough scooped on my hair and gently rubbed in. On the hair line and ears I used argon oil and had no staining , no mess no fuss.wrapped hair in a shower cap and a plastic grocery bag, with a towel on top. Two hours later , it was nuclear orange , however after two days went hot copper. I waited a week for full oxidation, now second coat is a dark copper. It definitely suits my freckles and I had only positive comments at work. I feel brighter around the head, not dull and grey. Yahoo!!!! My advise keep it simple, hot water is enough……

  9. Anonymous

    I hadn’t tried henna to any great extent until I found this site and product. I have to say that the quality is superb, it is easy to mix and apply and leaves a great colour. I once tried another brand of henna but it was nowhere near as good as this, it was grainy, difficult to apply and didn’t have the same intensity of colour. I use henna and indigo about once every 5 – 6 weeks and I am more than happy with this product. When I first started using it I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I emailed lots of questions – the staff were friendly and offered me good advice. I am very pleased with the product and the service.

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