Plant Hair Dye Kit, Short to Medium Length Hair

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Plant Hair Dye Kit, recommended by dermatologists as suitable for hair dye allergy / PPD allergy.

You can use this herbal hair colour kit on all hair colours, whatever your starting colour.

If you want a hair colour shade of auburn, brown or black  and are new to henna and indigo, this is the  Kit to start with.

  • Comes with everything you need + detailed instructions booklet
  • Probably enough for 3 applications on medium length hair
  • Suitable for those with hair dye / PPD allergy
  • Suitable for 100% grey hair

Contents: 100gms pure Indian henna, 100gms pure Tamilnadu indigo (probably enough for 2 applications on short hair), 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, + detailed instructions booklet.

Ingredients : Indian Henna : 100% Lawsonia Inermis , Tamilnadu Indigo : 100% Indigofera Tinctoria

herbal hair colour
herbal hair colour
Plant hair dye for short hair will turn hair auburn with henna, and then it will turn your auburn hennaed hair brown through to black hair colour with indigo; woman in white top wearing a black choker, with short black hair.
Plant hair dye for short hair will turn hair auburn with henna, and then it will turn your auburn hennaed hair brown through to black hair colour with indigo.













plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes, close up of green leaf
plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes
Plant Based Hair Dye Renaissance Henna Specialists
Plant Based Hair Dye by Renaissance Henna









How much henna do I need ?

What colour will I get ?

About our plant hair dye

We’re on a mission to promote plant hair dye !

Plant Hair Colour: Where to Start Your Natural Hair Colour Journey

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Weight400 g

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Rated 4.67 out of 5 stars
3 reviews
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3 reviews for Plant Hair Dye Kit, Short to Medium Length Hair

    5 out of 5

    Incredible! This is simply amazing and I only wish I had done it sooner! I started getting grey hair in my early twenties so used hair dye from supermarkets until a few years in, it suddenly burnt my scalp and I got really worried (so many stories online with women getting allergies or worth dying because of it). I stopped using them and decided to look at other options out there and discovered henna from another company (Lush) and although it worked well it was a real hassle: you had to grate the bar it came in, it took over 5 hours to sit on your head and then it never washed well. I ended up feeling itchy every time I used it. I thought all hope had gone and I started to accept I had to show my grey hair at 30 until two people recommended Renaissance Henna. I have just tried it today and I am sold! From start to finish it only took 3 hours, which is probably how long it would take at the hairdresser's anyway. Having had previous experience of henna, I didn't find this one as hard to turn into a paste and it was easy to wash off. Yes it will be a bit messy but if you have an old t-shirt and old towels, then it will be fine. I poured hot water on the henna powder, let it sit, put some vaseline around my hairline, applied the henna, left it for two hours and rinsed it. At that point , my white/grey hair became a vibrant orange which I considered leaving but it became really bright as I dried it. I then did the same with the Indigo but left it for about 20 minutes and then ta-dah! Amazing looking hair, close to my original hair colour. Two things I haven't done though and should have: 1) make a test first. Although I don't feel itchy or anything now, it may develop in the next few days. 2) Picture of before and after so you could see how well it has worked! I am looking forward to next month and treating myself to an evening of henna while enjoying a nice meal, drink and movie! Thank you so much! If you have any doubt, try this product, you won't be disappointed! The only thing I would say is: get well fitted gloves and a hair cap. The gloves in the kit are too big and therefore hard to apply the product properly and the cap broke on first application. But it's still 5 stars from me ;-)

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    From the age of about 19 or 20 I began henna-ing my hair and always loved the results. As the years went by and I got more and more grey and white hairs my hairdresser advised me that maybe it was time to stop using henna as my hair looked almost luminous orange at times. I reluctantly agreed and began using the inevitable chemical dyes. After a good few more years I was getting concerned about the effect the chemical dyes were having on my hair so I tried using more natural dyes with no ammonia etc. However the condition of my hair seemed to be getting worse and I used to dread re dying my hair. I even spoke to the hairdresser about letting the dye all grow out and just resigning myself to being grey and white. She suggested that this was a bit drastic at 55 years old. Then I came across your website and was amazed to find I could still use henna but use it with indigo and achieve a whole range of colours from auburn to medium brown, chocolate brown to burgundy. I have been using your products now for about a year and I'm really really pleased with the results. There has been a bit of trial and error but my hair looks and feels more healthy and I no longer feel guilty about dyeing my hair.I recently e mailedl Sabrina as I wanted to achieve a darker more burgundy colour. I couldn't believe it when she emailed me back the same day with step-by-step instructions. I sent a few more emails over the next day asking questions and she replied each time really quickly and was so helpful and patient. This is a brilliant product and Sabrina provides a brilliant service I'm so glad I stumbled on this website. Give it a try I doubt you'll return to using chemical dyes!

  3. Guest
    4 out of 5

    Last year I shaved off my badly damaged hair due to a 'Natural' hair dye. So for the last 8 months of growing my hair out again I have been trying to make peace with my grey bits. I was looking around the net for herbal treatments to tone down the silver! Entre Renaissance Henna, even though I had a bad henna experience in the 90's, I bought the small kit as my hair is short. After my first go I was really impressed with the bronze patches and like others I decided to leave the indigo for now. My hair was quite dry afterwards and the next time I used the arrowroot suggestion and added oil after the dye release. Better. Today was the 3rd application, I choose to make up the rest of the packet ( 2 more applications) and freeze after dye release and before adding oil, so in total I would have had 5 applications out of 100g. Now that is really good value. So whilst I have a moisturising treatment on my hair, I thought I would check my emails and low and behold there is a deal on the Moroccan Henna. A vibrant red, I'm in. Long review short, I can only attest to the Henna part of the kit as yet, however I really like the Henna. The gloves in the pack are like the petrol station ones, ditch those if you have long nails otherwise they will just tear and your hands will by Henna orange.

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