Organic Henna + Organic Indigo

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Organic  Henna & Organic Indigo.

200g organic henna + 200g organic indigo, for all hair types and all hair colours. For black and brown hair colour, even on 100% grey hair 


organic henna & organic indigo natural plant hair dye
organic henna & organic indigo natural plant hair dye


How much henna do I need ?

What colour will I get ?


Plant Hair Colour: Where to Start Your Natural Hair Colour Journey

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Weight480 g

200g, 400g, 1200g

6 reviews for Organic Henna + Organic Indigo

  1. Frieda

    !!! My review is that the dyes are excellent, the dye always is delivered very quickly and the results are fabulous even for grey hair, I have been a customer for years and am very happy with the service and products you provide

  2. Isabele

    Dear people at Renaissance Henna

    I have been dyeing my hair with Renaissance henna + indigo for over 6 years now and am very glad about the result which is dark brown hair. You should now that, although I’m only 51, my natural hair colour is white grey now (I used to have brown/black hair in my younger years, the precocious grey hair is a family trait ;-)).

  3. Mary

    Hi. Renaissance Henna!

    Loved your Henna and Indigo Hair Dyes!

    Was good quality,
    Smooth and fine grained,
    Applied well on hair, I have black hair and it was vibrant (need to apply soon)
    Good price,
    Overall very pleased, more, more, please!
    Keep up the good work!


  4. Caroline Priestley

    You will think that I am exaggerating but let me tell you that I have been using hair dye since I was sixteen and I have used a lot of products both natural and artificial. I can honestly say the the organic henna and indigo sold on this site are now my go to products and I will never think of using anything else. I can flout the rules of natural dyes and still get a fabulous result. I make up a henna-indigo mix (8 henna to 3 indigo) in a bowl mix the powder and apply it to my 90% grey hair. I only leave it for 2 hours. Sometimes even only 1.5. I do roots every two weeks and full head every 6 weeks. I get such amazing results people stop me in the street. Please please please Renaissance keep selling these organic versions as I don’t want to use anything else!!!

  5. Janet Rebecca Taylor

    This is the best quality henna & indigo I’ve ever used. Customer service is also the best compared to other companies that never answered product use questions. JT USA Customer

  6. Zehra

    I have combined the organic henna and indigo with 50% from each. Since I didn’t have too much time, I mixed them in the same bowl and added water, then mixed (using a frappe machine :)). I kept it on for 2 hours (I also used one of these heatable hair caps during that time). The results were amazing, my hair looked like they were back to life 🙂 . I tried so many different chemicals to give volume on my hair but nothing worked better than the henna & indigo combination. It also covered my grey hair. It gave me beautiful highlights. I got a lot compliments on my hair.
    I also used henna from other brands in the past but renaissance henna & indigo worked best for me and I find the organic option healthier. Renaissance henna smells like real henna that my mum used to use….I will definitely stick to using renaissance henna & indigo.

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