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This natural black hair dye is the one that comes in the boxed Renaissance Henna Herbal Hair Colour Kit!It’s pure dynamite natural brown & natural black hair dye.

Natural black hair dye from henna and indigo can dye even 100% grey hair black and brown. Henna & indigo are PPD free hair dyes and ammonia free.

Pure Indigo Powder Ingredients: 100% Indigofera Tinctoria.


Natural Hair Dye Black

herbal hair colour
herbal hair colour









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Tamil Nadu Indigo



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8 reviews for Indigo Powder

  1. Bliss Lane (verified owner)

    I use indigo & henna to turn my grey to brown black. I alternate between henna & indigo each time I tint my hair. Love that I can be rid of my grey without the use of chemicals on my scalp. I am hypo-allergic & it is great to find a safe to use hair tint.

  2. Ela (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this product!
    I’ve been using it for almost 3 year now, and everytime I get good results.
    I do the 2 step process, so first Henna and then Indigo.

    Everytime i have a question, Sabrina is very polite in answering.

  3. jason

    Just replying to Trishmor’s old post regarding the mixing, is it really safe to use these – CMC – Carboxymethyl Cellulose) or Edible Gum powder? And wouldnt adding these make the hair dye unnatural?

    • Renaissance Henna

      All you need to add to [Renaissance Henna] indigo is water! Mineral rich water works best. You may add powdered natural sea salt if you wish. The salt works as a mordant- essentially it becomes a molecular glue which helps the indigo to stain better. Adding cider vinegar or using an arrowroot gel base are optional. No need for anything else unless you particularly want to use something else that works for you. Safety issues concerning other ingredients are a matter of personal evaluation and choice and only arise if you wish to use other ingredients. We recommend straight water and salt and nothing else in our indigo natural hair dye and this keeps it entirely natural.

  4. lunargirl

    Used this for the first time alone on gray hair. I expected blue turquoise hair which is what I initially got but after 2 days my grays are purple. Deep purple and I like it. It blends away the grays but if you look closely hair is deep purple … i am happy with it. The use is really easy. Thank you for a great product.

  5. P.L.N (verified owner)

    I bought a pack of your indigo to try out, as I was having very mixed results from my regular supplier; although I had used indigo in the past successfully I was having to leave on longer and longer without much visible difference. Yours is the best indigo I have bought. The stain is strong and fast, just like the good stuff I remember. Will definitely be buying from you again

  6. Gail

    Since August/Sep, I have been trying out Henna/Indigo combinations and with pleading results so far. I have tried Henna products from as far away as the States – very expensive import duties into Europe. I have used the Henna bars from Lush in the past but, within 2 weeks I found that I already had to reapply the Henna. And, neither did it cover the grey whisps of hairs beginning to show. Rather a costly task. I discovered Rennaissance whilst surfing online and find that using the Hennaand Indigo, I can now go 4 to 5 weeks B4 having to reapply. Also, I have found that, I no longer need to apply henna throughout my locks as previously and therefore, am using HALF the amount that I normally would have used. Brilliant! So, still experimenting each time in order to see what works better for my hair type. My hair is black brown, I have dreads reaching halfway down my back. Grey whisps of hair showing by my temples. Starting with Henna, 50g. I mix with warm to hot(not boiling) water and leave covered for a minimum of 8 hrs. Completely cover front and sides of hairline and any remaining henna further spread over my locks, massage it in then, seal it all in with cling film and towel over the top of that. 3,5 to 4 hrs later, I then, weigh up, 25g Amla and 40g Indigo, mix with warm to hot water. Rinse out hennaed locks thoroughly with Luke warm water, towel dry; now my hairline with Indigo and distribute any remaining paste over my locks. Again, wrap in cling film followed by a towel and keep for 1,5 to 2 hrs. Rinse out well with Luke warm water, towel dry (I also blow dry, on low heat, just to dry off excess water – dreads are a heavy weight when damp let alone when wet!). My locks have come out great so far, although, (is it due to Amla?)I have noticed that, they tend to be very dry, also, because, I am having to ‘wax’ loose hairs with more regularity. I think I shall another time try soaking my locks in a conditioning oil after the final rinse ( indigo). Does anyone have tips for ‘thick’ hair? Any results with cassia obovata or other herb?

  7. Trishmor

    Hi Sabrina, I wanted to write to you to say that I have been using henna and indigo in the two step process for about 8 months now and found it to be the best hair colouring system for my grey hair. Before with using commercial dye I found it made my hair frizzy and dry. Now my hair is soft, shiny and beautifully conditioned – it looks like a young person’s hair! It has been a learning process in terms of application and ingredients to add to my henna and indigo mixes. However, I have, with practice and having to use the dyes every 4 weeks, now perfected the technique and wanted to share this with you and your customers because I still come across comments about the issues of applying indigo. The measures below are for shoulder length hair. For Henna mix, I make mine the night before to allow time for dye release. I use one measure ofAmla powder, 1.5 measures of sugar and 9 measures of henna powder. I apply the henna and leave the mix on for a minimum of 6.5 hours. I tend to use the day as a pampering day so it doesn’t feel like a chore, as I have to apply the colour every 4 weeks. I rinse out the henna without washing it with shampoo or conditioner and dry with the hairdryer. I make up the indigo mix just before using it. I add 1 measure salt, 1 measure Bhrami powder (available on Ebay or Asian supermarkets), 1 measure CMC – Carboxymethyl Cellulose) or Edible Gum powder (available on Ebay) and 9 measures of Indigo powder. Very important – mix the dry ingredients thoroughly so the gum is completely mixed in. Then I add water to the dry mix until I get a suitable consistency – like thick yogurt. The gum will continue to slightly thicken, but as I am applying the mix to my hair, I add a tiny bit more water to loosen it up. The CMC gum holds the indigo mix together making it easier to apply and stay together rather than dropping off and ending up on the floor. Another advantage of using CMC is that you do not get indigo water dripping down onto your face and neck. I fully believe that if I hadn’t discovered about adding CMC to the indigo mix, I would have given up using this product! I find your website very informative and thank you and your customers for the help offered. I also wanted to say that your Indigo powder is the best I have found through trial and error and I will definitely be coming back for more! I will email you before and after photos of the henna and indigo results on my hair. Regards Patsy

  8. Anonymous

    I started going grey a few years ago and resisted chemical hair dyes until they were too many greys to count. I used some ‘organic herbal’ hair dyes which still had chemicals in them and they gradually made my hair feel like straw and out of condition. Then I looked around for natural solutions and found this site. I found the indigo powder which you can use along with henna to cover your greys, and I have never looked back!! I love the way the henna and indigo condition my hair, make it look shiny and healthy, and NO GREYS! I cant recommend this product highly enough. Throw those chemicals out and GO FOR INDIGO!! (review by Farah)

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